Man pages for MortalitySmooth
Smoothing and Forecasting Poisson Counts with P-Splines

HMDdataPopulation and Mortality Data
Mort1DsmoothFit One-dimensional Poisson P-splines
Mort1Dsmooth_checkerCheck Arguments for Function Mort1Dsmooth
Mort1Dsmooth_estimateEstimate 1D P-splines for a given lambda
Mort1Dsmooth_optimizeOptimize a 1D Penalized-Poisson IWLS over smoothing...
Mort1Dsmooth_updateUpdate a 1D Penalized-Poisson Iteration
Mort2DsmoothFit Two-dimensional Poisson P-splines
Mort2Dsmooth_checkerCheck Arguments for Function Mort2Dsmooth
Mort2Dsmooth_estimateEstimate 2D P-splines for two given lambdas
Mort2Dsmooth_optimizeOptimize a 2D Penalized-Poisson IWLS over smoothing...
Mort2Dsmooth_seCompute a 2D standard errors
Mort2Dsmooth_updateUpdate a 2D Penalized-Poisson Iteration
MortalitySmooth-packageSmoothing Poisson counts with P-splines
MortSmooth_bbaseConstruct B-spline basis
MortSmooth_BcoefBMultiply a matrix (from a kronecker product) by a matrix
MortSmooth_BWBCalculates the inner product of a matrix and a sparse weight...
MortSmooth_tpowerTruncated p-th Power Function
plot.HMDdataPlot age and year specific demographic data
plot.Mort1DsmoothPlot of the Mort1Dsmooth outcomes
plot.Mort2DsmoothPlot of the Mort2Dsmooth outcomes
predict.Mort1DsmoothPredict Method for 1D P-splines Fits
predict.Mort2DsmoothPredict Method for 2D P-splines Fits
residuals.Mort1DsmoothExtract 1D P-splines Model Residuals
residuals.Mort2DsmoothExtract 2D P-splines Model Residuals
selectHMDdataSelecting Data from the HMDdata Object
summary.Mort1DsmoothSummary for Mort1Dsmooth objects
summary.Mort2DsmoothSummary for Mort2Dsmooth objects
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