Man pages for NMdata
Preparation, Checking and Post-Processing Data for PK/PD Modeling

checkColRowcheck that col.row is not edited in Nonmem control stream
compareColsCompare elements in lists with aim of combining
dimsGet dimensions of multiple objects
egdtExpand grid of data.tables
filePathSimpleClean and standardize file system paths
findCovsExtract columns that do not vary within variables in data
findVarsExtract columns that vary within values of other columns in a...
flagsAssignAssign exclusion flags to a dataset based on specified table
flagsCountCreate an overview of number of retained and discarded...
fnExtensionChange file name extension
is.NMdataCheck if an object is 'NMdata'
mergeCheckMerge, order, and check resulting rows and columns.
messageWrapPretty wrapping of lines in NMdata vignettes
NMapplyFiltersTranslate filters in Nonmem and apply to data
NMcheckColnamesCompare $DATA to column names in input data
NMcode2RTranslate Nonmem $PK, $PRED sections or other Nonmem code to...
NMdataConfConfigure default behavior of NMdata functions
NMdataConfOptionsGet NMdataConf parameter properties
NMdataDecideOptionDetermine active parameter value based on argument and...
NMdataGetOptionLook up default configuration of an argument
NMdataOperationsBasic arithmetic
NMextractDataFileExtract the data file used in a control stream
NMextractTextVersatile text extractor from Nonmem (input or output)...
NMinfoGet metadata from an NMdata object
NMisNumericTest if a variable can be interpreted by Nonmem
NMorderColumnsOrder columns in dataset for use in Nonmem.
NMreadCsvread csv data that is written to be read by nonmem
NMreadSectionextract sections of Nonmem control streams
NMreadTabRead an output table file from NONMEM
NMscanDataAutomatically find Nonmem tables and organize data
NMscanInputread input data and translate column names according to the...
NMscanTablesread all output data tables in nonmem run
NMstampstamp a dataset or any other object
NMtransInptranslate the column names according to the $INPUT section of...
NMwriteDataWrite dataset for use in Nonmem (and R)
NMwriteSectionreplace ($)sections of a nonmem control stream
print.summary_NMdataprint method for NMdata summaries
renameByContentsRename columns matching properties of data contents
summary.NMdatasummary method for NMdata objects
tmpcolgenerate a name for a new data column that is not already in...
unNMdataRemove NMdata class and discard NMdata meta data
writeNMinfoDo the actual writing of meta data
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