The NUCOMBog R package provides an interface to the NUCOMBog model in R.

The package simulates the dynamics of five plant functional types (PFTs): graminoids, ericaceous shrubs and three groups of Sphagnum mosses (lawn, hollow and hummock mosses) on a monthly time step. The R package also calculates the monthly heterotrophic respiration and therefore the net ecosystem exchange can be calculated. The package provides a user-friendly tool that allows simulating peatlands over years/decades, under different management strategies and climate change scenarios.

For details on how to use the package, go to the help files of the functions.

This work was supported by a STSM grant to JWM Pullens from COST Action FP1304 (Profound,


JWM Pullens


The test data can be downloaded from And the executable of the model can downloaded from