Man pages for NetRep
Permutation Testing Network Module Preservation Across Datasets

bigMatrixLoad a 'bigMatrix' (deprecated)
combineAnalysesCombine results of multiple permutation procedures
common_paramsTemplate parameters
disk.matrixThe 'disk.matrix' class
example-dataExample data
modulePreservationReplication and preservation of network modules across...
NetRepFast permutation procedure for testing network module...
networkPropertiesCalculate the topological properties for a network module
nodeOrderOrder nodes in descending order of _weighted degree_ and...
orderModules_paramTemplate parameters
permutationTestPermutation test P-values for module preservation statistics
plotModulePlot the topology of a network module
plot_paramsTemplate parameters
plotTopologyPlot a topological feature of network module
requiredPermsHow many permutations do I need to test at my desired...
sampleOrderOrder samples within a network.
simplify_paramTemplate parameters
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