Man pages for OHPL
Ordered Homogeneity Pursuit Lasso for Group Variable Selection

beerThe beer dataset
cv.OHPLCross-Validation for Ordered Homogeneity Pursuit Lasso
dlcCompute D, L, and C in the Fisher Optimal Partitions...
FOPFisher Optimal Partition
OHPLOrdered Homogeneity Pursuit Lasso
OHPL-packageOrdered Homogeneity Pursuit Lasso for Group Variable...
OHPL.RMSEPCompute RMSEP, MAE, and Q2 for a Test Set
OHPL.simGenerate Simulation Data for Benchmarking Sparse Regressions...
predict.OHPLMake Predictions Based on the Fitted OHPL Model
protoExtract the Prototype from Each Variable Group
soilThe soil dataset
wheatThe wheat dataset
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