Man pages for OceanView
Visualisation of Oceanographic Data and Model Output

ChesapeakeParticle transport in Chesapeake Bay
db2crossConverts a dataset from database-format to a cross table
mappingFunctions for remapping, changing the resolution, and...
movieperspPlotting moving surfaces in 3D using rgl
movieslicePlotting volumetric data as moving slices in 3D using rgl
MplotFunctions for plotting matrices, or for splitting them and...
OceanViewFunctions for visualising oceanic data sets and model output.
quiverPlots velocities as arrows or as trajectory plots.
SyltHydrodynamic model output (getm) of Sylt-Romo Bight
TempTrajectTemperature profiles made along a ship track.
tracers2DPlots tracer distributions in 2-D.
tracers3DPlotting tracer distributions in 3D
vectorplotVector velocity plot.
WSniozNIOZ monitoring data of Westerschelde estuary.
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