movieslice: Plotting volumetric data as moving slices in 3D using rgl

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movieslice3D plots 3D volumetric data as slices moving in one direction in open-GL graphics.

It is based on the plot3Drgl function slice3Drgl.


movieslice3D (x, y, z, colvar = NULL, xs = NULL,
  ys = NULL, zs = NULL, along = NULL,
  col = jet.col(100), NAcol = "white", breaks = NULL,
  colkey = FALSE, clim = NULL, clab = NULL,
  wait  = NULL, ask = FALSE, add = FALSE, basename = NULL, ...)


x, y, z

Vectors with x, y and z-values. They should be of length equal to the first, second and third dimension of colvar respectively.


The variable used for coloring. It should be an array of dimension equal to c(length(x), length(y), length(z)). It must be present.


Colors to be used for coloring the colvar variable. If col is NULL then a red-yellow-blue colorscheme (jet.col) will be used.


Colors to be used for colvar values that are NA.


a set of finite numeric breakpoints for the colors; must have one more breakpoint than color and be in increasing order. Unsorted vectors will be sorted, with a warning.


A logical, NULL (default), or a list with parameters for the color key (legend). If colkey = NULL then a color key will be added only if col is a vector. Setting colkey = list(plot = FALSE) will create room for the color key without drawing it. if colkey = FALSE, no color key legend will be added.


Only if colvar is specified, the range of the color variable values. Values of colvar that extend the range will be put to NA and colored as specified with NAcol.


Only if colkey is not NULL or FALSE, the label to be written on top of the color key. The label will be written at the same level as the main title. To lower it, clab can be made a vector, with the first values empty strings.

xs, ys, zs

Vectors specify the positions in x, y or z where the slices (planes) are to be drawn consecutively. The movie will loop over the slices, each time projecting the values of colvar on them. If all xs, ys, zs are NULL, then xs will be taken equal to x.


A number 1, 2, 3 denoting the dimension over which the slices are to be moved. If NULL, then the dimension will be the one corresponding to the longest vector xs, ys, zs.


Logical. If TRUE, then the slices will be added to the current plot. If FALSE a new plot is started.


Logical. If TRUE, then the new slice will only be drawn after a key has been struck. If FALSE, redrawing will depend on wait


The time interval inbetween drawing of a new slice, in seconds. If NULL, the drawing will not be suspended.


The base name of a png file to be produced for each movieframe.


additional arguments passed to slice3D from package plot3D or to plotrgl from package plot3Drgl.


returns nothing


Karline Soetaert <[email protected]>

See Also

Sylt3D for a data set that can be displayed with movieslice3D

moviepoints3D for plotting moving points in 3D


 x <- y <- z <- seq(-1, 1, by = 0.1)
 grid   <- mesh(x, y, z)
 colvar <- with(grid, x*exp(-x^2 - y^2 - z^2))

 movieslice3D  (x, y, z, colvar = colvar, ticktype = "detailed")

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