Man pages for PAMpal
Load and Process Passive Acoustic Data

AcousticEvent-class'AcousticEvent' Class
AcousticStudy-class'AcousticStudy' Class
addBinariesAdd Binaries to a PAMpalSettings Object
addCalibrationAdd a Calibration File to a PAMpalSettings Object
addDatabaseAdd a Database to a PAMpalSettings Object
addFunctionAdd a Function to a PAMpalSettings Object
addGpsAdd GPS Locations to an AcousticStudy
addHydrophoneDepthAdd Hydrophone Depth Data to an AcousticStudy
addRecordingsAdd Recordings to an AcousticStudy Object
addSettingsAdd Settingss to a PAMpalSettings Object
calculateAverageSpectraCalculate Average Spectra of Clicks
calculateICICalculate Inter-Click Interval
calculateModuleDataRun Custom Calculations on Pamguard Module Data
checkStudyCheck an AcousticStudy Object for Issues
export_banterExport Data for a BANTER Model
exStudyExample AcousticStudy Object
filterFilter an AcousticStudy or AcousticEvent Object
getBinaryDataGet Raw Binary Data for Detections
getDetectorDataExtract and Combine Detector Data
getWarningsGet Warning Messages
is.AcousticEventCheck if an Object is an AcousticEvent
is.AcousticStudyCheck if an Object is an AcousticStudy
is.PAMpalSettingsCheck if an Object is a PAMpalSettings
loadPamguardXMLLoad Pamguard XML Settings
matchEnvDataMatch Environmental Data to an AcousticStudy Object
PAMpal.accessors'AcousticEvent' and 'AcousticStudy' accessors
PAMpalSettingsConstructor for PAMpalSettings Object
PAMpalSettings-class'PAMpalSettings' Class
plotDataExplorerExplore Data in an Interactive Plot
plotGramPlot Spectrogram or Cepstrogram
plotWaveformPlot Graphical Representations of Waveforms
processPgDetectionsLoad and Process Detections from Pamguard
removeBinariesRemove Binaries from a PAMpalSettings Object
removeCalibrationRemove a Calibration Function from a PAMpalSettings Object
removeDatabaseRemove a Database from a PAMpalSettings Object
removeFunctionRemove a Function from a PAMpalSettings Object
removeSettingsRemove Settings from a PAMpalSettings Object
roccaWhistleCalcsCalculate a Set of Measurements for Whistles
setSpeciesSet the Species Classification of Events
standardCepstrumCalcsCalculate a Set of Measurements from a Cepstrum Contour
standardClickCalcsCalculate a Set of Measurements for Clicks
testCepsA fake cepstrum contour
testClickA two-channel recording of a delphinid click
testWhistleA fake whistle contour
updateFilesUpdate Location of Files in an AcousticStudy
updatePamObjectUpdate PAMpal S4 Object
writeEventClipsCreate Wav Clips of Data
writeWignerDataWrite Wigner Transform Data of Click Detections to Disk
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