getWinVal: Retrieve Widget Values for Use in R Code

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Get a list of variables defined and set by the GUI widgets. An optional argument scope directs the function to create local or global variables based on the list that is returned.


getWinVal(v=NULL, scope="", asvector=FALSE, winName="")



vector of variable names to retrieve from the GUI widgets. If NULL, v retrieves all variables from all GUI widgets.


scope of the retrieval. The default sets no variables in the non-GUI environment; scope="L" creates variables locally in relation to the parent frame that called the function; scope="P" creates variables in the temporary package workspace called .PBSmodEnv; and scope="G" creates global variables (pos=1).


return a vector instead of a list. WARNING: if a widget variable defines a true vector or matrix, this will not work.


window from which to select GUI widget values. The default takes the window that has most recently received new user input.


TODO: talk about scope=G/P/L and side effects of overwriting existing variables


A list (or vector) with named components, where names and values are defined by GUI widgets.


Alex Couture-Beil, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo BC

See Also

parseWinFile, setWinVal, clearWinVal

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