loadOptions: Save and Load Options to and from Disk

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Save and load options for use from one R session to another. If no file name is given, then the default file name (specified when the option object was created) is used.


loadOptions(option.object, fname, prompt = FALSE)
saveOptions(option.object, fname, prompt = FALSE)



options class object used for storing package options


file name to use: if missing the default file name is used; if given, file name becomes the default.


logical: if TRUE, prompt the user to select a file from an interactive GUI. If fname is given, then the value appears as the default selected file.


If fname is given (or selected when prompt=TRUE), then that file becomes the default file name for subsequent loading and saving.

See Also

See PBSoptions-class for more details and an example using PBSmodelling's option management functions.

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