runExample: Run a Single GUI Example Included with PBS Modelling

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Display a GUI to demonstrate one PBS Modelling example.

The example source files can be found in the R directory .../library/PBSmodelling/examples.


  runExample(ex, pkg="PBSmodelling")



string specifying an example in the pkg directory examples.


package with an examples subdirectory.


If no example is specified or if the example does not exist, a GUI pops up informing you of potential choices. Note that the string choice is case-sensitive.

Some examples use external packages which must be installed to work correctly:

BRugs - LinReg, MarkRec, and CCA;

odesolve/PBSddesolve - FishRes;

PBSmapping - FishTows.


The examples are copied from .../library/PBSmodelling/examples to R's current temporary working directory and run from there.


Rowan Haigh, Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Nanaimo BC

See Also

runDemos, runExamples

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