Defines functions addAQILegend

Documented in addAQILegend

#' @keywords plotting
#' @export
#' @title Add an AQI Legend to a Map
#' @param x x coordinate passed on to the \code{legend()} command
#' @param y y coordinate passed on to the \code{legend()} command
#' @param col the color for points/lines in the legend
#' @param legend a character vector to be shown in the legend
#' @param pch plotting symbols in the legend
#' @param title title for the legend
#' @param ... additional arguments to be passed to \code{legend()}
#' @description This function is a convenience wrapper around \code{graphics::legend()}. It will show the AQI colors and
#' names by default if \code{col} and \code{legend} are not specified.

addAQILegend <- function(
  x = "topright",
  y = NULL,
  col = rev(AQI$colors),
  legend = rev(AQI$names),
  pch = 16,
  title = "Air Quality Index",
) {

  legend(x = x, y = y, col = col, legend = legend, pch = pch, title = title, ...)


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