Man pages for PWFSLSmoke
Utilities for Working with Air Quality Monitoring Data

addAQILegendAdd an AQI Legend to a Map
addAQILinesAdd AQI Lines to a Plot
addAQIStackedBarCreate Stacked AQI Bar
addBullseyeAdd a Bullseyes to a Map or RgoogleMap Plot
addClusteringAdd Clustering Information to a Dataframe
addGoogleAddressAdd Address Information to a Dataframe
addGoogleElevationAdd Elevation Data to a Dataframe
addGoogleMetadataAdd Elevation and Address Information to a Dataframe
addIconAdd Icons to a Map or RgoogleMap Plot
addMarkerAdd Icons to a Map or RgoogleMap Plot
addMazamaMetadataAdd State, Country and Timezone to a Dataframe
addShadedBackgroundAdd Shaded Background to a Plot
addShadedNightAdd Nighttime Shading to a Plot
addUSGSElevationAdd Elevation Data to a Dataframe
airnow_createDataDataframesReturn Reshaped, Dataframes of AirNow Data
airnow_createMetaDataframesCreate Dataframes of AirNow Site Location Metadata
airnow_createMonitorObjectsObain AirNow Data and Create ws_monitor Objects
airnow_downloadHourlyDataDownload Hourly Data from AirNow
airnow_downloadParseDataDownload and Aggregate Multiple Hourly Data Files from AirNow
airnow_downloadSitesDownload AirNow Site Location Metadata
airnow_loadLoad Processed AirNow Monitoring Data
airnow_loadDailyLoad Recent Processed AirNow Monitoring Data
airnow_loadLatestLoad Most Recent Processed AirNow Monitoring Data
airnow_qualityControlApply Quality Control to AirNow Dataframe
airsis_availableUnitsGet Available Unit Identifiers from AIRSIS
airsis_BAM1020QualityControlApply Quality Control to Raw AIRSIS BAM1020 Dataframe
airsis_createDataDataframeCreate AIRSIS Data Dataframe
airsis_createMetaDataframeCreate AIRSIS Site Location Metadata Dataframe
airsis_createMonitorObjectObain AIRSIS Data and Create ws_monitor Object
airsis_createRawDataframeObain AIRSIS Data and Create a Raw Tibble
airsis_downloadDataDownload Data from AIRSIS
airsisDump_createMonitorObjectIngest AIRSIS Dump File and Create ws_monitor Object
airsisDump_identifyMonitorTypeIdentify AIRSIS Dump File Monitor Type
airsisDump_parseDataParse AIRSIS Dump File Data String
airsis_EBAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to Raw AIRSIS EBAM Tibble
airsis_ESAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to Raw AIRSIS E-Sampler Dataframe
airsis_identifyMonitorTypeIdentify AIRSIS Monitor Type
airsis_loadLoad Processed AIRSIS Monitoring Data
airsis_loadDailyLoad Recent AIRSIS Monitoring Data
airsis_loadLatestLoad Recent AIRSIS Monitoring Data
airsis_parseDataParse AIRSIS Data String
airsis_qualityControlApply Quality Control to Raw AIRSIS Dataframe
AQIOfficial Air Quality Index Levels, Names and Colors
AQI_enOfficial Air Quality Index Levels, Names and Colors
AQI_esOfficial Air Quality Index Levels, Names and Colors
Carmel_ValleyCarmel Valley Example Dataset
createEmptyMetaDataframeCreate Empty Site Location Metadata Dataframe
distanceCalculate the Distance Between Points
epa_createDataDataframeCreate EPA Data Dataframe
epa_createMetaDataframeCreate Sites Metadata Dataframe
epa_createMonitorObjectDownload and Convert Hourly EPA Air Quality Data
epa_downloadDataDownload Data from EPA
epa_loadLoad Processed EPA Monitoring Data
epa_parseDataParse Data from EPA
esriMap_getMapDownload a Spatial Raster Object from ESRI
esriMap_plotOnStaticMapPlot a map from a RGB rasterBrick.
initializeMazamaSpatialUtilsInitialize Mazama Spatial Utils
loadDailyLoad Recent PM2.5 Monitoring Data
loadLatestLoad Recent PM2.5 Monitoring Data
logger.debugPython-Style Logging Statements
logger.errorPython-Style Logging Statements
logger.fatalPython-Style Logging Statements
logger.infoPython-Style Logging Statements
logger.setLevelSet Console Log Level
logger.setupSet Up Python-Style Logging
logger.tracePython-Style Logging Statements
logger.warnPython-Style Logging Statements
logLevelsLog Levels
monitor_aqiCalculate hourly NowCast-based AQI values
monitor_asDataframeReturn Monitor Data in a Single Dataframe
monitor_collapseCollapse a ws_monitor Object into a ws_monitor Object with a...
monitor_combineCombine List of ws_monitor Objects into Single ws_monitor...
monitor_dailyStatisticCalculate Daily Statistics
monitor_dailyThresholdCalculate Daily Counts of Values At or Above a Threshold
monitor_distanceCalculate Distances From ws_monitor Monitors to Location of...
monitorDygraphCreate Interactive Time Series Plot
monitorEsriMapCreate an ESRI Map of ws_monitor Object
monitorGoogleMapCreate a Google Map of ws_monitor Object
monitor_isEmptyTest for an Empty ws_monitor Object
monitor_isMonitorTest for an correct structure of ws_monitor Object
monitor_isolateIsolate Individual Monitors
monitor_joinMerge Data for Monitors with Shared monitorIDs
monitorLeafletLeaflet Interactive Map of Monitoring Stations
monitorMapCreate Map of Monitoring Stations
monitorMap_performanceCreate Map of Monitor Prediction Performance
monitor_nowcastApply Nowcast Algorithm to ws_monitor Object
monitor_performanceCalculate Monitor Prediction Performance
monitorPlot_dailyBarplotCreate Daily Barplot
monitorPlot_hourlyBarplotCreate Hourly Barplot
monitorPlot_noDataCreate Blank Plot with "No Data" Message
monitorPlot_rollingMeanCreate Rolling Mean Plot
monitorPlot_timeOfDaySpaghettiCreate Time of Day Spaghetti Plot
monitorPlot_timeseriesCreate Timeseries Plot
monitor_reorderReorder a ws_monitor Object
monitor_replaceDataReplace ws_monitor Data with Another Value
monitor_rollingMeanCalculate Rolling Means
monitor_scaleDataScale ws_monitor Data
monitor_subsetSubset ws_monitor Object
monitor_subsetBySubset ws_monitor Object with a Filter
monitor_subsetByDistanceSubset ws_monitor Object by Distance from Target Location
monitor_subsetDataSubset ws_monitor Object 'data' Dataframe
monitor_subsetMetaSubset ws_monitor Object 'meta' Dataframe
monitor_timeAverageCalculate Time Averages
monitor_trimTrim ws_monitor Time Axis to Remove NA Periods From Beginning...
Northwest_MegafiresNorthwest Megafires Example Dataset
parseDatetimeParse Datetime Strings
raw_enhanceProcess Raw Monitoring Data to Create raw_enhance Object
raw_getHighlightDatesReturn Day Stamps for Values Above a Threshold
rawPlot_pollutionRoseCreate Pollution Rose Plot from a Raw Dataframe
rawPlot_timeOfDaySpaghettiCreate Time of Day Spaghetti Plot from a Raw Dataframe
rawPlot_timeseriesCreate Timeseries Plot from a Raw Dataframe
rawPlot_windRoseCreate Wind Rose Plot from a Raw Dataframe
skill_confusionMatrixConfusion Matrix Statistics
skill_ROCROC Curve
skill_ROCPlotROC Plot
timeInfoGet Time Related Information
upgradeMeta_v1.0Upgrade ws_monitor Metadata to Version 1.0
US_52US State Codes
WRCCWRCC Monitor Names and Unit IDs
wrcc_createDataDataframeCreate WRCC Data Dataframe
wrcc_createMetaDataframeCreate WRCC Site Location Metadata Dataframe
wrcc_createMonitorObjectObtain WRCC Data and Create ws_monitor Object
wrcc_createRawDataframeObtain WRCC Data and Parse into Tibbler
wrcc_downloadDataDownload Data from WRCC
wrccDump_createMonitorObjectIngest WRCC Dump File and Create ws_monitor Object
wrccDump_identifyMonitorTypeIdentify WRCC Dump File Monitor Type
wrccDump_parseDataParse WRCC Dump File String
wrcc_EBAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to Raw WRCC EBAM Titbble
wrcc_ESAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to Raw WRCC E-Sampler Tibble
wrcc_identifyMonitorTypeIdentify WRCC Monitor Type
wrcc_loadLoad Processed WRCC Monitoring Data
wrcc_loadDailyLoad Recent WRCC Monitoring Data
wrcc_loadLatestLoad Recent WRCC Monitoring Data
wrcc_parseDataParse WRCC Data String
wrcc_qualityControlApply Quality Control to Raw WRCC Tibble
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