Man pages for PWFSLSmoke
Utilities for Working with Air Quality Monitoring Data

addAQILegendAdd an AQI Legend to a Map
addAQILinesAdd AQI Lines to a Plot
addAQIStackedBarCreate Stacked AQI Bar
addBullseyeAdd a Bullseyes to a Map or RgoogleMap Plot
addClusteringAdd clustering information to a dataframe
addEsriAddressAdd address information to a dataframe
addGoogleAddressAdd address information to a dataframe
addGoogleElevationAdd Elevation Data to a Dataframe
addIconAdd Icons to a Map or RgoogleMap Plot
addMarkerAdd Icons to a Map or RgoogleMap Plot
addMazamaMetadataAdd State, Country and Timezone to a Dataframe
addPolygonAdd a Colored Polygon to a Plot
addShadedBackgroundAdd Shaded Background to a Plot
addShadedNightAdd Nighttime Shading to a Plot
addUSGSElevationAdd Elevation Data to a Dataframe
addWindBarbAdd wind barb to a map
addWindBarbsAdd wind barbs to a map
airnow_createDataDataframesReturn reshaped dataframes of AirNow data
airnow_createMetaDataframesCreate dataframes of AirNow site location metadata
airnow_createMonitorObjectsObain AirNow data and create ws_monitor objects
airnow_downloadHourlyDataDownload hourly data from AirNow
airnow_downloadParseDataDownload and aggregate multiple hourly data files from AirNow
airnow_downloadSitesDownload AirNow Site Location Metadata
airnow_loadLoad Processed AirNow Monitoring Data
airnow_loadAnnualLoad annual AirNow monitoring data
airnow_loadDailyLoad recent AirNow monitoring data
airnow_loadLatestLoad most recent AirNow monitoring data
airnow_qualityControlApply Quality Control to AirNow dataframe
airsis_availableUnitsGet AIRSIS available unit identifiers
airsis_BAM1020QualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS BAM1020 dataframe
airsis_createDataDataframeCreate AIRSIS data dataframe
airsis_createMetaDataframeCreate AIRSIS site location metadata dataframe
airsis_createMonitorObjectObain AIRSIS data and create ws_monitor object
airsis_createRawDataframeObain AIRSIS data and parse into a raw tibble
airsis_downloadDataDownload AIRSIS data
airsis_EBAM_MULTI2_BQualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS EBAM MULTI2_B tibble
airsis_EBAM_MULTI2QualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS EBAM MULTI2 tibble
airsis_EBAM_PLUS_MULTIQualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS EBAM PLUS_MULTI tibble
airsis_EBAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS EBAM tibble
airsis_ESAM_MULTIQualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS E-Sampler dataframe
airsis_ESAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS E-Sampler dataframe
airsis_identifyMonitorTypeIdentify AIRSIS monitor type
airsis_loadLoad Processed AIRSIS Monitoring Data
airsis_loadAnnualLoad annual AIRSIS monitoring data
airsis_loadDailyLoad recent AIRSIS monitoring data
airsis_loadLatestLoad most recent AIRSIS monitoring data
airsis_parseDataParse AIRSIS data string
airsis_qualityControlApply Quality Control to raw AIRSIS dataframe
AQIOfficial Air Quality Index Levels, Names and Colors
aqiColorsGenerate AQI Colors
AQI_enOfficial Air Quality Index Levels, Names and Colors
AQI_esOfficial Air Quality Index Levels, Names and Colors
aqiPaletteColor Palettes for Air Quality Monitoring Data
Camp_FireCamp Fire example dataset
Carmel_ValleyCarmel Valley example dataset
createEmptyMetaDataframeCreate Empty Site Location Metadata Dataframe
createEmptyMonitorCreate empty monitor object
distanceCalculate distances between points
downloadDataFileDownload data from URL to local diredctory
epa_createDataDataframeCreate EPA data dataframe
epa_createMetaDataframeCreate dataframe of EPA site location metadata
epa_createMonitorObjectDownload and convert hourly EPA air quality data
epa_downloadDataDownload EPA air quality data
epa_loadLoad Processed EPA Monitoring Data
epa_loadAnnualLoad annual EPA monitoring data
epa_parseDataParse EPA data
esriTokenToken used for ESRI Geocoding Requests
generic_downloadDataDownload generic data
generic_parseDataParse generic air quality files
getEsriTokenGet ESRI Token
getGoogleApiKeyGet Google API Key
googleApiKeyAPI Key used for Google Geocoding Requests
initializeMazamaSpatialUtilsInitialize Mazama Spatial Utils
loadDailyLoad Recent PM2.5 Monitoring Data
loadLatestLoad Recent PM2.5 Monitoring Data
monitor_aqiCalculate hourly NowCast-based AQI values
monitor_asDataframeReturn Monitor Data in a Single Dataframe
monitor_collapseCollapse a ws_monitor Object into a ws_monitor Object with a...
monitor_combineCombine List of ws_monitor Objects into Single ws_monitor...
monitor_dailyBarplotCreate Daily Barplot
monitor_dailyStatisticCalculate daily statistics
monitor_dailyStatisticListCalculate Daily Statistics
monitor_dailyThresholdCalculate Daily Counts of Values At or Above a Threshold
monitor_distanceCalculate distances from monitors to a location of interest
monitor_downloadAnnualDownload annual PM2.5 monitoring data
monitor_downloadDailyDownload recent PM2.5 monitoring data
monitor_downloadLatestDownload recent PM2.5 monitoring data
monitor_dygraphCreate Interactive Time Series Plot
monitor_extractDataFrameExtract dataframes from _ws_monitor_ objects
monitor_getCurrentStatusGet current status of monitors
monitor_getDailyMeanCalculate daily means for a ws_monitor object
monitor_hourlyBarplotCreate Hourly Barplot
monitor_isEmptyTest for an Empty ws_monitor Object
monitor_isMonitorTest for an correct structure of ws_monitor Object
monitor_isolateIsolate Individual Monitors
monitor_isTidyCheck if data is tidy-formatted ws_monitor data
monitor_joinMerge Data for Monitors with Shared monitorIDs
monitor_leafletLeaflet interactive map of monitoring stations
monitor_loadLoad PM2.5 monitoring data
monitor_loadAnnualLoad annual PM2.5 monitoring data
monitor_loadDailyLoad recent PM2.5 monitoring data
monitor_loadLatestLoad most recent PM2.5 monitoring data
monitor_mapStatic map of monitoring stations
monitor_noDataPlotCreate Blank Plot with "No Data" Message
monitor_nowcastApply Nowcast Algorithm to ws_monitor Object
monitor_performanceCalculate Monitor Prediction Performance
monitor_performanceMapCreate map of monitor prediction performance
monitor_printPrint monitor data as CSV
monitor_reorderReorder a ws_monitor bject
monitor_replaceDataReplace ws_monitor Data with Another Value
monitor_rollingMeanCalculate Rolling Means
monitor_rollingMeanPlotCreate Rolling Mean Plot
monitor_scaleDataScale ws_monitor Data
monitor_stamenmapCreate a static map of ws_monitor object
monitor_staticmapCreate a static map of ws_monitor object
monitor_subsetSubset ws_monitor Object
monitor_subsetBySubset ws_monitor Object with a Filter
monitor_subsetByDistanceSubset ws_monitor Object by Distance from Target Location
monitor_subsetDataSubset ws_monitor Object 'data' Dataframe
monitor_subsetMetaSubset ws_monitor Object 'meta' Dataframe
monitor_timeAverageCalculate Time Averages
monitor_timeInfoGet time related information for a monitor
monitor_timeseriesPlotCreate Timeseries Plot
monitor_toTidyConvert 'ws_monitor' data to a tidy format
monitor_trimTrim ws_monitor Time Axis to Remove NA Periods From Beginning...
monitor_writeCSVWrite monitor data as CSV
monitor_writeCurrentStatusGeoJSONWrite current monitor data to geojson file
Northwest_MegafiresNorthwest_Megafires example dataset
pipePipe operator
PWFSLSmoke-deprecatedDeprecated functions in PWFSLSmoke
raw_enhanceProcess Raw Monitoring Data to Create raw_enhance Object
raw_getHighlightDatesReturn Day Stamps for Values Above a Threshold
rawPlot_pollutionRoseCreate Pollution Rose Plot from a Raw Dataframe
rawPlot_timeOfDaySpaghettiCreate Time of Day Spaghetti Plot from a Raw Dataframe
rawPlot_timeseriesCreate Timeseries Plot from a Raw Dataframe
rawPlot_windRoseCreate Wind Rose Plot from a Raw Dataframe
setEsriTokenSet ESRI Token
setGoogleApiKeySet Google API Key
skill_confusionMatrixConfusion Matrix Statistics
skill_ROCROC Curve
skill_ROCPlotROC Plot
staticmap_getEsrimapBrickCreate a rasterBrick from an Esri tiled image server
staticmap_getRasterBrickCreate a rasterBrick from a tiled image server
staticmap_getStamenmapBrickCreate a rasterBrick from stamenmap tiles
staticmap_plotRasterBrickPlot an RGB rasterBrick
tidy_toMonitorConvert 'ws_tidy' data to a 'ws_monitor' object
timeInfoGet time related information
upgradeMeta_v1.0Upgrade ws_monitor Metadata to Version 1.0
US_52US State Codes
WRCCWRCC Monitor Names and Unit IDs
wrcc_createDataDataframeCreate WRCC data dataframe
wrcc_createMetaDataframeCreate WRCC site location metadata dataframe
wrcc_createMonitorObjectObtain WRCC data and create ws_monitor object
wrcc_createRawDataframeObtain WRCC data and parse into a tibble
wrcc_downloadDataDownload WRCC data
wrcc_EBAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to raw WRCC EBAM tibble
wrcc_ESAMQualityControlApply Quality Control to raw WRCC E-Sampler tibble
wrcc_identifyMonitorTypeIdentify WRCC monitor type
wrcc_loadLoad Processed WRCC Monitoring Data
wrcc_loadAnnualLoad annual WRCC monitoring data
wrcc_loadDailyLoad recent WRCC monitoring data
wrcc_loadLatestLoad most recent WRCC monitoring data
wrcc_parseDataParse WRCC data string
wrcc_qualityControlApply Quality Control to raw WRCC tibble
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