Man pages for PairViz
Visualization using Graph Traversal

best_orientationRe-orients a path to be weight-decreasing
cancerCancer Survival data
desaturate_colorDesaturates colors
eseqConstruct eulerian paths on the complete graph where nodes...
etourConstructs eulerian tours on a graph.
eulerian~~ Methods for Function eulerian ~~
even_graphClass of graphs where all nodes have even degree
find_pathConstructs a path from a matrix of edge weights.
guided_pcpGuided parallel coordinate plot.
hpathsHamiltonian paths on the complete graph on 1..n, using...
mc_plotMultiple comparison plot.
mk_complete_graphConstructs a complete graph.
mk_even_graphConstructs an even graph
order_bestUses brute-force enumeration to find the best hamiltonian on...
order_tspUses tsp to find the best hamiltonian on the complete graph...
overlayciFunction to overlay confidence intervals on the current plot.
overviewOverview of PairViz package
path_corMeasures the tendency of edge weights to increase.
pathweightsUtility functions to manipulate pairwise information.
pcpEnhanced parallel coordinate plots.
specialgFunctions to construct graphs.
spreadoutFunctions to prepare for categorical parallel coordinates,...
tableplotPlots rectangles on a grid
whpathsConstructs weight decreasing hamiltonian paths
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