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Implements methods described in Hurley and Oldford paper.

There are functions for constructing eulerian paths on complete graphs- see eseq, hpaths, and weighted_hpaths, and eulerians on general graphs- see etour and eulerian.

There are also functions for new types of graphics, mc_plot, catpcp and guided_pcp and a barchart/mosaic variant table_plot.


C.B. Hurley and R.W. Oldford


C.B. Hurley and R.W. Oldford, Pairwise display of high dimensional information via Eulerian tours and Hamiltonian decompositions. 2008 submitted.

C.B. Hurley and R.W. Oldford, Eulerian tour algorithms for dta visualization and the PairViz package. 2008 submitted.

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