Man pages for PandemicLP
Long Term Prediction for Epidemic and Pandemic Data

country_listList of countries available in the Covid-19 database
covid19BHCovid-19 data for Belo Horizonte/MG - Brazil
density.pandemicEstimatedDraw estimated density of the parameters for the pandemic...
load_covidLoad Covid-19 Data
modelsModels used in the PandemicLP package
pandemicData-objectspandemicData objects: Covid-19 Pandemic Data
pandemicEstimated-objectspandemicEstimated objects: Fitted PandemicLP model
PandemicLPPandemicLP: Modeling Pandemic Data
pandemic_modelBayesian growth curve models for epidemiological data via...
pandemicPredicted-objectspandemicPredicted objects: Predictions made from a fitted...
pandemic_statsRelevant Statistics of the Pandemic Model
pandemicStats-objectspandemicStats objects: 95% Credible Interval predictions from...
plot.pandemicDataPlot pandemic data
plot.pandemicPredictedPlot pandemic predictions
plottedPandemicData-objectsplottedPandemicData objects: Plots for pandemic data using...
plottedPandemic-objectsplottedPandemic objects: Plots for pandemic data using the...
posterior_predict.pandemicEstimatedDraw from the posterior predictive distribution for pandemic...
print.pandemicEstimatedPrint method for 'pandemicEstimated' objects
print.pandemicPredictedPrints prediction summary of pandemic model
print.pandemicStatsPrint method for 'pandemicStats' objects
print.plottedPandemicPrint method for 'plottedPandemic' objects
print.plottedPandemicDataPrint method for 'plottedPandemicData' objects
state_listList of states available in the Covid-19 database
summary.pandemicEstimatedSummary method for 'pandemicEstimated' objects
traceplot-pandemicEstimated-methodDraw traceplot of the parameters for the pandemic model
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