print.plottedPandemicData: Print method for 'plottedPandemicData' objects

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The print method for a plottedPandemic S3 class object displays the single plot or both separated by a prompt for the user.


## S3 method for class 'plottedPandemicData'
print(x, ...)



An object of S3 class plottedPandemicData-objects.


Currently unused.


The plots generated by plot.pandemicData are displayed by this function If only one of the plots has been generated via the argument cases, then it is displayed in the Viewer windows as an html object, produced by the plot_ly function. If both new and cumulative plots are requested, then the new plot is displayed first and a message prompts the user to display the next plot, namely the cumulative one. The plot shows the confirmed cases and the deaths information, but if the user desire to see only one, he can double click on legend to isolate one trace. Consequently, the axis will be automatically configured to the scale of the desired trace. To see both again, the user just need to double click again.


Returns x, invisibly.

See Also

load_covid and plot.pandemicData

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