Man pages for PearsonDS
Pearson Distribution System

empMomentsEmpirical Moments
PearsonThe Pearson Distribution System
Pearson0The Pearson Type 0 (aka Normal) Distribution
pearsonDiagramRegions of Pearson Distribution Types
PearsonDSPearson Distribution System
pearsonFitMMethod of Moments Estimator for Pearson Distributions
pearsonFitMLMaximum Likelihood Estimation of Pearson Distributions
PearsonIThe Pearson Type I (aka Beta) Distribution
PearsonIIThe Pearson Type II (aka Symmetric Beta) Distribution
PearsonIIIThe Pearson Type III (aka Gamma) Distribution
PearsonIVThe Pearson Type IV Distribution
pearsonMomentsMoments of Pearson Distribution
pearsonMSCLog-Likelihoods and Model Selection Criteria for different...
PearsonVThe Pearson Type V (aka Inverse Gamma) Distribution
PearsonVIThe Pearson Type VI (aka Beta Prime) Distribution
PearsonVIIThe Pearson Type VII (aka Student's t) Distribution
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