Man pages for PlackettLuce
Plackett-Luce Models for Rankings

adjacencyCreate an Adjacency Matrix for a set of Rankings
beansPreferred Bean Varieties in Nicaragua
choicesChoices Object
connectivityCheck Connectivity of Rankings
fitted.PlackettLuceFitted Probabilities for PlackettLuce Objects
grouped_rankingsGrouped Rankings Object
itempar.PlackettLuceExtract Item Parameters of Plackett-Luce Models
nascarResults from 2002 NASCAR Season
PlackettLuceFit a Plackett-Luce Model
PlackettLuce-packagePlackett-Luce Models for Rankings
plfitPlackettLuce Wrapper for Model-based Recursive Partitioning
pltreePlackett-Luce Trees
puddingPaired Comparisons of Chocolate Pudding
qvcalc.PlackettLuceQuasi Variances for Model Coefficients
rankingsRankings Object
read.socRead Strict Orders - Complete List Data from File
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
simulate.PlackettLuceSimulate from 'PlackettLuce' fitted objects
summariesPlackett-Luce Model Summaries
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