Man pages for PlackettLuce
Plackett-Luce Models for Rankings

adjacencyCreate an Adjacency Matrix for a set of Rankings
aggregateAggregate Rankings
beansPreferred Bean Varieties in Nicaragua
choicesChoices Object
completeComplete Orderings with the Missing Redundant Rank
connectivityCheck Connectivity of Rankings
decodeDecode Orderings using a Key to Item Names
fitted.PlackettLuceFitted Probabilities for PlackettLuce Objects
groupGroup Rankings
itempar.PlackettLuceExtract Item Parameters of Plackett-Luce Models
nascarResults from 2002 NASCAR Season
PlackettLuceFit a Plackett-Luce Model
PlackettLuce-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'PlackettLuce'
PlackettLuce-packagePlackett-Luce Models for Rankings
pladmmFit a Plackett-Luce Model with Linear Predictor for Log-worth
plfitPlackettLuce Wrapper for Model-based Recursive Partitioning
pltreePlackett-Luce Trees
pltree-summariesPlackett-Luce Tree Summaries
preflibRead Preflib Election Data Files
puddingPaired Comparisons of Chocolate Pudding
qvcalc.PlackettLuceQuasi Variances for Model Coefficients
rankingsRankings Object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
simulate.PlackettLuceSimulate from 'PlackettLuce' fitted objects
summariesPlackett-Luce Model Summaries
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