stat0085.DesgagneMicheauxLeblanc-Lap3: The Desgagne-Micheaux-Leblanc test for the Laplace...

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The Desgagne-Micheaux-Leblanc test DLLap3 for the Laplace distribution is used

- to compute its statistic and p-value by calling function statcompute;

- to compute its quantiles by calling function compquant or many.crit;

- to compute its power by calling function or powcomp.easy.


P. Lafaye de Micheaux, V. A. Tran


Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux, Viet Anh Tran (2016). PoweR: A Reproducible Research Tool to Ease Monte Carlo Power Simulation Studies for Goodness-of-fit Tests in R. Journal of Statistical Software, 69(3), 1–42. doi:10.18637/jss.v069.i03

Desgagne, A., Lafaye de Micheaux, P. and Leblanc, A., unpublished document.

See Also

See package lawstat. See Laplace.tests for other goodness-of-fit tests for the Laplace distribution.

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