Man pages for PoweR
Computation of Power and Level Tables for Hypothesis Tests

calcFxEmpirical distribution function of p-values.
checklawCheck proper behaviour of a random generator
compquantComputation of the quantile values only for one test...
create.alterCreate a list giving the type of test statistics.
densitiesDensity function
DistributionsDistributions in the PoweR package
gensampleGenerate random samples from a law added in the package.
getindexGet indices of laws and statistics functions.
getnbparlawsRetrieve the default number of parameters of some laws.
getnbparstatsGet numbers of parameters of test statistics.
graphp-value plot, p-value discrepancy plot and size-power curves.
help.lawHelp Law
help.statHelp Stat
Laplace.testsGoodness-of-fit tests for the Laplace distribution
law0001.LaplaceThe Laplace Distribution
law0002.NormalThe Normal Distribution
law0003.CauchyThe Cauchy Distribution
law0004.LogisticThe Logistic Distribution
law0005.GammaThe Gamma Distribution
law0006.BetaThe Beta Distribution
law0007.UniformThe Uniform Distribution
law0008.StudentThe Student t Distribution
law0009.ChisquaredThe Chi-Squared Distribution
law0010.LogNormalThe Log Normal Distribution
law0011.WeibullThe Weibull Distribution
law0012.ShiftedExpThe Shifted Exponential Distribution
law0013.PowerUnifThe Power Uniform Distribution
law0014.AverageUnifThe Average Uniform Distribution
law0015.UUnifThe UUniform Distribution
law0016.VUnifThe VUniform Distribution
law0017.JohnsonSUThe Johnson SU Distribution
law0018.TukeyThe Tukey Distribution
law0019.LocationContThe Location Contaminated Distribution
law0020.JohnsonSBThe Johnson SB Distribution
law0021.SkewNormalThe Skew Normal Distribution
law0022.ScaleContThe Scale Contaminated Distribution
law0023.GeneralizedParetoThe Generalized Pareto Distribution
law0024.GeneralizedErrorThe Generalized Error Distribution
law0025.StableThe Stable Distribution
law0026.GumbelThe Gumbel Distribution
law0027.FrechetThe Frechet Distribution
law0028.GeneralizedExtValueThe Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
law0029.GeneralizedArcsineThe Generalized Arcsine Distribution
law0030.FoldedNormalThe Folded Normal Distribution
law0031.MixtureNormalThe Mixture Normal Distribution
law0032.TruncatedNormalThe Truncated Normal Distribution
law0033.NoutThe Normal with outliers Distribution
law0034.GeneralizedExpPowerThe Generalized Exponential Power Distribution
law0035.ExponentialThe Exponential Distribution
law0036.AsymmetricLaplaceThe Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
law0037.NormalInvGaussianThe Normal-inverse Gaussian Distribution
law0038.AsymmetricPowerDistributionThe Asymmetric Power Distribution
law0039.modifiedAsymmetricPowerDistributionThe modified Asymmetric Power Distribution
law0040.Log-Pareto-tail-normalThe Log-Pareto-tail-normal Distribution
law.cstrGives information about a given law.
many.critComputation of critical values for several test statistics
many.pvalComputes several p-values for many test statistics.
momentsExpectation and variance.
Normality.testsGoodness-of-fit tests for normality.
plot.discrepancyp-value discrepancy plot.
plot.pvaluep-value plot.
plot.sizepowersize-power curves.
powcomp-easyComputation of power and level tables for hypothesis tests.
powcomp-fastComputation of power and level tables for hypothesis tests.
power.guiPoweR GUI
print.critvaluesLatex table for critical values
print.powerLatex table for power simulations
pvalueMCMonte-Carlo computation of a p-value for one single test...
stat0001.LillieforsThe Lilliefors test for normality
stat0002.AndersonDarlingThe Anderson-Darling test for normality
stat0003.ZhangWu1The 1st Zhang-Wu test for normality
stat0004.ZhangWu2The 2nd Zhang-Wu test for normality
stat0005.GlenLeemisBarrThe Glen-Leemis-Barr test for normality
stat0006.DAgostinoPearsonThe D'Agostino-Pearson test for normality
stat0007.JarqueBeraThe Jarque-Bera test for normality
stat0008.DoornikHansenThe Doornik-Hansen test for normality
stat0009.GelGastwirthThe Gel-Gastwirth test for normality
stat0010.Hosking1The 1st Hosking test for normality
stat0011.Hosking2The 2nd Hosking test for normality
stat0012.Hosking3The 3rd Hosking test for normality
stat0013.Hosking4The 4th Hosking test for normality
stat0014.BontempsMeddahi1The 1st Bontemps-Meddahi test for normality
stat0015.BontempsMeddahi2The 2nd Bontemps-Meddahi test for normality
stat0016.BrysHubertStruyfThe Brys-Hubert-Struyf test for normality
stat0017.BonettSeierThe Bonett-Seier test for normality
stat0018.BrysHubertStruyf-BonettSeierThe Brys-Hubert-Struyf & Bonett-Seier test for normality
stat0019.CabanaCabana1The 1st Cabana-Cabana test for normality
stat0020.CabanaCabana2The 2nd Cabana-Cabana test for normality
stat0021.ShapiroWilkThe Shapiro-Wilk test for normality
stat0022.ShapiroFranciaThe Shapiro-Francia test for normality
stat0023.ShapiroWilk-RGThe Shapiro-Wilk test for normality modified by...
stat0024.DAgostinoThe D'Agostino test for normality
stat0025.FillibenThe Filliben test for normality
stat0026.ChenShapiroThe Chen-Shapiro test for normality
stat0027.ZhangQThe 1st Zhang test for normality
stat0028.ZhangQQstarThe 3rd Zhang test for normality
stat0029.BarrioCuestaMatranRodriguezThe Barrio-Cuesta-Matran-Rodriguez test for normality
stat0030.CoinThe Coin test for normality
stat0031.EppsPulleyThe Epps-Pulley test for normality
stat0032.MartinezIglewiczThe Martinez-Iglewicz test for normality
stat0033.GelMiaoGastwirthThe Gel-Miao-Gastwirth test for normality
stat0034.ZhangQstarThe 2nd Zhang test for normality
stat0035.DesgagneLafayeDeMicheauxLeblanc-RnThe R_n test for normality
stat0036.DesgagneLafayeDeMicheaux-XAPDThe X_{APD} test for normality
stat0037.DesgagneLafayeDeMicheaux-ZEPDThe Z_{EPD} test for normality
stat0041.SpiegelhalterThe Spiegelhalter test for normality
stat0042.AndersonDarlingThe Anderson-Darling test for the Laplace distribution
stat0043.CramervonMisesThe Cramer-von Mises test for the Laplace distribution
stat0044.WatsonThe Watson test for the Laplace distribution
stat0045.KolmogorovSmirnovThe Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for the Laplace distribution
stat0046.KuiperThe Kuiper test for the Laplace distribution
stat0047.Meintanis1MOThe 1st Meintanis test with moment estimators for the Laplace...
stat0048.Meintanis1MLThe 1st Meintanis test with maximum likelihood estimators for...
stat0049.Meintanis2MOThe 2nd Meintanis test with moment estimators for the Laplace...
stat0050.Meintanis2MLThe 2nd Meintanis test with maximum likelihood estimators for...
stat0051.ChoiKim1The 1st Choi-Kim test for the Laplace distribution
stat0052.ChoiKim2The 2nd Choi-Kim test for the Laplace distribution
stat0053.ChoiKim3The 3rd Choi-Kim test for the Laplace distribution
stat0054.DesgagneMicheauxLeblanc-GnThe Desgagne-Micheaux-Leblanc test for the Laplace...
stat0055.RaynerBest1The 1st Rayner-Best test for the Laplace distribution
stat0056.RaynerBest2The 2nd Rayner-Best test for the Laplace distribution
stat0057.LangholzKronmalThe Langholz-Kronmal test for the Laplace distribution
stat0058.KunduThe Kundu test for the Laplace distribution
stat0059.GulatiThe Gulati test for the Laplace distribution
stat0060.GelThe Gel test for the Laplace distribution
stat0061.DesgagneMicheauxLeblanc-Lap1The Desgagne-Micheaux-Leblanc test for the Laplace...
stat0062.DesgagneMicheauxLeblanc-Lap2The Desgagne-Micheaux-Leblanc test for the Laplace...
stat0063.KolmogorovThe Kolmogorov test for uniformity
stat0064.CramervonMisesThe Cramer-von Mises test for uniformity
stat0065.AndersonDarlingThe Anderson-Darling test for uniformity
stat0066.DurbinThe Durbin test for uniformity
stat0067.KuiperThe Kuiper test for uniformity
stat0068.HegazyGreen1The 1st Hegazy-Green test for uniformity
stat0069.HegazyGreen2The 2nd Hegazy-Green test for uniformity
stat0070.GreenwoodThe Greenwood test for uniformity
stat0071.QuesenberryMillerThe Quesenberry-Miller test for uniformity
stat0072.ReadCressieThe Read-Cressie test for uniformity
stat0073.MoranThe Moran test for uniformity
stat0074.Cressie1The 1st Cressie test for uniformity
stat0075.Cressie2The 2nd Cressie test for uniformity
stat0076.VasicekThe Vasicek test for uniformity
stat0077.SwartzThe Swartz test for uniformity
stat0078.MoralesThe Morales test for uniformity
stat0079.PardoThe Pardo test for uniformity
stat0080.MarhuendaThe Marhuenda test for uniformity
stat0081.Zhang1The 1st Zhang test for uniformity
stat0082.Zhang2The 2nd Zhang test for uniformity
stat0085.DesgagneMicheauxLeblanc-Lap3The Desgagne-Micheaux-Leblanc test for the Laplace...
statcomputePerforms a hypothesis test for the given value of statistic.
stat.cstrGives information about a test statistic.
statsPureRComputation of test statistic values in pure R.
Uniformity.testsGoodness-of-fit tests for uniformity
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