PracTools: Tools for Designing and Weighting Survey Samples

Contains functions for sample size calculation for survey samples using stratified or clustered one-, two-, and three-stage sample designs. Other functions compute variance components for multistage designs and sample sizes in two-phase designs. A number of example datasets are included.

AuthorRichard Valliant, Jill A. Dever, Frauke Kreuter
Date of publication2016-10-23 23:40:29
MaintainerRichard Valliant <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

BW2stagePPS: Relvariance components for 2-stage sample

BW2stagePPSe: Estimated relvariance components for 2-stage sample

BW2stageSRS: Relvariance components for 2-stage sample

BW3stagePPS: Relvariance components for 3-stage sample

BW3stagePPSe: Estimated relvariance components for 3-stage sample

clusOpt2: Compute optimal sample sizes for a two-stage sample

clusOpt2fixedPSU: Optimal number of sample elements per PSU in a two-stage...

clusOpt3: Compute optimal sample sizes for a three-stage sample

clusOpt3fixedPSU: Compute optimal number of sample secondary sampling units...

CVcalc2: Coefficient of variation of an estimated total in a 2-stage...

CVcalc3: Coefficient of variation of an estimated total in a 3-stage...

deffH: Henry design effect for _pps_ sampling and GREG estimation of...

deffK: Kish design effect

deffS: Spencer design effect for _pps_ sampling

Domainy1y2: Domain data

dub: Sample sizes for a double sampling design

gamEst: Estimate variance model parameter gamma

gammaFit: Iteratively estimate variance model parameter gamma

HMT: Generate an HMT population

hospital: Hospital Data

labor: Labor force population

MDarea.pop: Maryland area population

nCont: Compute a simple random sample size for an estimated mean

nContMoe: Compute a simple random sample size for an estimated mean of...

nDep2sam: Simple random sample size for difference in means

nDomain: Compute a simple random sample size for an estimated mean or...

nhis: National Health Interview Survey: Demographic variables

nhis.large: National Health Interview Survey: Demographic and health...

nhispart: National Health Interview Survey data from 2003:...

nLogOdds: Calculate simple random sample size for estimating a...

nProp: Compute simple random sample size for estimating a proportion

nProp2sam: Simple random sample size for difference in proportions

nPropMoe: Simple random sample size for a proportion based on margin of...

NRadjClass: Class-based nonresponse adjustments

NRFUopt: Sample sizes for a nonresponse follow-up study

nWilson: Calculate a simple random sample size for estimating a...

pclass: Form nonresponse adjustment classes based on propensity...

smho98: Survey of Mental Health Organizations Data

smho.N874: Survey of Mental Health Organizations Data

strAlloc: Allocate a sample to strata

wtdvar: Compute weighted variance


BW2stagePPS Man page
BW2stagePPSe Man page
BW2stageSRS Man page
BW3stagePPS Man page
BW3stagePPSe Man page
clusOpt2 Man page
clusOpt2fixedPSU Man page
clusOpt3 Man page
clusOpt3fixedPSU Man page
CVcalc2 Man page
CVcalc3 Man page
deffH Man page
deffK Man page
deffS Man page
Domainy1y2 Man page
dub Man page
gamEst Man page
gammaFit Man page
HMT Man page
hospital Man page
labor Man page
MDarea.pop Man page
nCont Man page
nContMoe Man page
nDep2sam Man page
nDomain Man page
nhis Man page
nhis.large Man page
nhispart Man page
nLogOdds Man page
nProp Man page
nProp2sam Man page
nPropMoe Man page
NRadjClass Man page
NRFUopt Man page
nWilson Man page
pclass Man page
smho98 Man page
smho.N874 Man page
strAlloc Man page
wtdvar Man page


PracTools/R/nPropMoe.R PracTools/R/BW2stagePPSe.R PracTools/R/gamEst.R PracTools/R/CVcalc2.R PracTools/R/BW2stageSRS.R PracTools/R/clusOpt3fixedPSU.R PracTools/R/CVcalc3.R PracTools/R/nContMoe.R PracTools/R/clusOpt2.R PracTools/R/dub.R PracTools/R/clusOpt2fixedPSU.R PracTools/R/NRFUopt.R PracTools/R/clusOpt3.R PracTools/R/gammaFit.R PracTools/R/strAlloc.R PracTools/R/nProp.R PracTools/R/HMT.R PracTools/R/deffH.R PracTools/R/deffK.R PracTools/R/nDep2sam.R PracTools/R/nDomain.R PracTools/R/deffS.R PracTools/R/BW3stagePPSe.R PracTools/R/nLogOdds.R PracTools/R/nCont.R PracTools/R/nProp2sam.R PracTools/R/wtdvar.R PracTools/R/nWilson.R PracTools/R/pclass.R PracTools/R/BW2stagePPS.R PracTools/R/NRadjClass.R PracTools/R/BW3stagePPS.R
PracTools/man/clusOpt3.Rd PracTools/man/nWilson.Rd PracTools/man/nProp.Rd PracTools/man/Domainy1y2.Rd PracTools/man/CVcalc3.Rd PracTools/man/deffS.Rd PracTools/man/gamEst.Rd PracTools/man/HMT.Rd PracTools/man/BW2stagePPS.Rd PracTools/man/MDarea.pop.Rd PracTools/man/clusOpt3fixedPSU.Rd PracTools/man/NRadjClass.Rd PracTools/man/strAlloc.Rd PracTools/man/nCont.Rd PracTools/man/CVcalc2.Rd PracTools/man/nProp2sam.Rd PracTools/man/hospital.Rd PracTools/man/nContMoe.Rd PracTools/man/BW2stageSRS.Rd PracTools/man/clusOpt2.Rd PracTools/man/smho.N874.Rd PracTools/man/nDomain.Rd PracTools/man/nPropMoe.Rd PracTools/man/pclass.Rd PracTools/man/dub.Rd PracTools/man/deffK.Rd PracTools/man/smho98.Rd PracTools/man/BW2stagePPSe.Rd PracTools/man/nhispart.Rd PracTools/man/gammaFit.Rd PracTools/man/nhis.large.Rd PracTools/man/nLogOdds.Rd PracTools/man/nDep2sam.Rd PracTools/man/BW3stagePPSe.Rd PracTools/man/nhis.Rd PracTools/man/wtdvar.Rd PracTools/man/deffH.Rd PracTools/man/BW3stagePPS.Rd PracTools/man/NRFUopt.Rd PracTools/man/clusOpt2fixedPSU.Rd PracTools/man/labor.Rd

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