Man pages for ProjectTemplate
Automates the Creation of New Statistical Analysis Projects

add.configAdd project specific config to the global config
add.extensionAssociate a reader function with an extension.
cacheCache a data set for faster loading.
cache.nameTranslate a variable name into a file name for caching.
cache.projectCache a project's data sets in binary format.
clean.variable.nameTranslate a file name into a valid R variable name.
clearClear objects from the global environment
clear.cacheClear data sets from the cache
create.projectCreate a new project.
create.templateCreate a new template
get.projectShow information about the current project.
internal.attach.or.add.namespaceAttach a package or add a namespace
internal.cached.variablesList all cached variables
internal.cache.filenameConstruct the file names for the cache and hash
internal.cache.formatGet configured cache file format strategy
internal.cache.hashCalculate the hash of the data stored in a variable
internal.cache.statusPrint the current cache status
internal.check.versionCompare the project version with the current ProjectTemplate... one or more data sets to data.tables one or more data sets to tibbles
internal.create.cache.hashCreate a data.frame with the cache metadata
internal.create.projectCreate a project structure
internal.dir.emptyCheck if a directory is empty
internal.evaluate.codeRun code and assign the results to variable
internal.get.templateGet the location of a template from its name
internal.has.projectCheck if the project was loaded
internal.init.loggerInitialize the logger for the project whether variables are cached whether the cache is empty if path is an existing directory whether a given path is a ProjectTemplate project
internal.list.dataBuild the list of data available for loading into memory
internal.list.files.and.dirsList all files and directories, excluding .. and .
internal.load.dataLoad the data from the cache and data directories
internal.load.helpersLoad the helper functions
internal.load.librariesLoad the libraries listed in the configuration into memory
internal.munge.dataSource all munge scripts
internal.package.versionGet the current ProjectTemplate version
internal.parse.extensionsMatch readers to the extensions of the data files a regular expression for matching files to be ignored
internal.provide.directoryMake sure a required directory exists before usage
internal.quietstopStop silently metadata for a variable in the cache
internal.remove.sticky.varsRemove variables to keep from a list of candidates for...
internal.require.packageRequire internal package
internal.rstudioprojectfileReturn an RStudio project file as character vector
internal.stopifnotprojectRaise an error if given path is not a valid project
internal.stopifprojectRaise an error if given path is a valid project
internal.unload.projectUnload the project variables keeping the data
internal.var.diff.fromCompare sets of variable names
internal.write.cacheWrite a variable and its metadata to cache
list.dataListing the data for the current project
load.projectAutomatically load data and packages for a project.
loadproject_addinLoad Project
migrate.projectMigrates a project from a previous version of ProjectTemplate
migrate.templateMigrate a template to a new version of ProjectTemplate
preinstalled.readersAutomatically read data into memory
ProjectTemplateAutomates the creation of new statistical analysis projects.
reload.projectReload or reset a project
reloadproject_addinReload Project
require.packageRequire a package for use in the project
run.projectRun all of the analyses in the 'src' directory.
show.projectShow information about the current project.
stub.testsGenerate unit tests for your helper functions.
test.projectRun all unit tests for this project.
translate.dcfRead a DCF file into an R list.
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