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Format Output of Various Routines in a Suitable Way for Reports and Publication

ci.meanCompute mean values with confidence intervals
ci.mean.defaultCompute mean values with confidence intervals
CiTableCiTable data
coxphSeriesRun a series of Cox regression models
DiabetesDiabetes data of Dr John Schorling
fixRegressionTableExpand regression coefficient table
followupTableSummary tables for a given followup time point.
formatCIFormatting confidence intervals
glmSeriesRun a series of generalized linear regression analyses
lazyFactorCodingEfficient coding of factor levels
orgWrapper function for publish with output format org
parseInteractionTermsParse interaction terms
plot.ciPlot confidence intervals
plotConfidencePlot confidence intervals
plot.regressionTablePlotting regression coefficients with confidence limits
print.ciPrint confidence intervals
print.table2x2print results of 2x2 contingency table analysis
print.univariateTablePrinting univariate tables
pubformatFormat numbers for publication
publishPublishing tables and figures
publish.CauseSpecificCoxTabulizing cause-specific hazard ratio from all causes with...
publish.ciPublish tables with confidence intervals
publish.coxphTabulize hazard ratios with confidence intervals and...
publish.glmTabulize regression coefficients with confidence intervals...
publish.htestPretty printing of test results.
publish.matrixPublishing a matrix in raw, org, latex, or muse format
publish.MIresultPresent logistic regression and Cox regression obtained with...
Publish-packagePublish package
publish.riskRegressionPublishing results of riskRegression
publish.ScorePublish predictive accuracy results
publish.summary.aovFormat summary table of aov results
publish.survdiffAlternative summary of survdiff results
regressionTableRegression table
SpaceTA study was made of all 26 astronauts on the first eight...
specialFrameSpecial frame
splinePlot.lrmPlot predictions of logistic regression
stripesBackground and grid color control.
summary.ciSummarize confidence intervals
summary.regressionTableFormatting regression tables
summary.univariateTablePreparing univariate tables for publication
sutableFast summary of a univariate table
table2x22x2 table calculus for teaching
tracetrace data
UnitsAdd units to data set
univariateTableUnivariate table
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