Man pages for R.rsp
Dynamic Generation of Scientific Reports

000-LB-.RspDocumentSubsets an RspDocument
000.readTextReads the content of a local or an online text file
appendRootPaths.HttpDaemonAppends and inserts new paths to the list of known root...
as.character.HttpDaemonReturns a short string describing the HTTP daemon
as.character.HttpRequestReturns a short string describing the HTTP request
as.character.RspStringProductReturns a plain character string representation of an RSP...
asRspString.RspConstructRecreates an RSP string from an RspConstruct
browseRspStarts the internal web browser and opens the URL in the...
buildNonSweaveTexToPdfCompiles all TeX files into PDFs
buildNonSweaveVignetteBuilds a non-Sweave Rnw vignette
buildNonSweaveVignettesBuilds all non-Sweave Rnw vignette
buildPkgIndexHtmlBuilds a package index HTML file
buildVignetteBuilds a vignette
capabilitiesOf.RRspPackageChecks which tools are supported
compileAsciiDocCompiles an AsciiDoc file
compileAsciiDocNowebCompiles an AsciiDoc noweb file
compileKnitrCompiles a Knitr file
compileLaTeXCompiles a LaTeX file
compileMarkdownCompiles a Markdown file
compileRnwCompiles a Rnw file
compileRspCompiles an RSP file
compileSweaveCompiles a Sweave file
dropEmptyText.RspDocumentDrops all empty RSP text constructs
escape.RspLanguageEscapes a string specifically for a given RSP response...
evaluate.RspDocumentParses, translates, and evaluates the RSP document
evaluate.RspRSourceCodeParses and evaluates the R code
evaluate.RspShSourceCodeEvaluates the shell (sh) code
evaluate.RspSourceCodeEvaluates the source code
evaluate.RspStringParses, translates, and evaluates the RSP string
exprToCode.RspSourceCodeFactoryTranslates an RspExpression into source code
FileRspResponseThe FileRspResponse class
findAsciiDocLocates the asciidoc executable
findPandocLocates the pandoc executable
findProcessor.RspProductLocates a processor for an RSP product
flatten.RspDocumentFlattens an RspDocument
flush.RspResponseFlushes the response buffer
getAbsolutePath.FileRspResponseGets the absolute pathname to the current RSP file
getAbsolutePath.RspPageGets the absolute pathname to the current RSP file
getAttributes.defaultGets and sets attributes of an object
getCode.RspCodeGets the source code
getComment.RspCommentGets the comment
getComment.RspConstructGets the comment of an RSP construct
getComment.RspLanguageGets a comment string specific for a given RSP response...
getCompleteCode.RspSourceCodeFactoryGets the source code header, body, and footer
getConfig.HttpDaemonRetrieves the server's 'config' structure from Tcl
getContentLength.HttpRequestGets the length of contents
getContent.RspEvalDirectiveGets the content of the RSP eval directive
getContent.RspIncludeDirectiveGets the content of the RSP include directive
getContent.RspTextGets the contents of the RSP text
getContentType.HttpRequestGets the MIME type of the body of the request
getDefaultFilenamePattern.HttpDaemonGets the default filename pattern to be loaded by the HTTP...
getEcho.RspCodeChecks whether the source code should be echoed or not
getFile.RspEvalDirectiveGets the file attribute
getFile.RspIncludeDirectiveGets the file attribute
getHttpRequest.HttpDaemonGets the HTTP request
getInclude.RspConstructChecks whether an RSP construct will include text to the...
getLanguage.RspLanguageGets the language string
getLanguage.RspSourceCodeFactoryGets the language
getName.FileRspResponseGets the (base)name of the current RSP file
getName.RspPageGets the (base)name of the current RSP file
getNewline.RspLanguageGets the newline string specific for a given RSP response...
getOutput.FileRspResponseGets the output for an RSP response
getParameter.HttpRequestGets a parameter
getParameters.HttpRequestGets all parameters
getPath.FileRspResponseGets the path of the directory of the current RSP file
getPath.RspDocumentGets the path to the source reference of an RSP string
getPath.RspPageGets the path of the directory of the current RSP file
getPort.HttpDaemonGets the socket port of the HTTP daemon
getProtocol.HttpRequestGets the name and version of the protocol used to make this...
getRealPath.HttpRequestGets the file system path for a given URI
getRemoteAddress.HttpRequestGets the IP address of the client that sent the request
getRemoteHost.HttpRequestGets the fully qualified name of the client that sent the...
getRootPaths.HttpDaemonGets the root directories of the HTTP daemon
getScheme.HttpRequestGets the scheme used to make this request
getServerName.HttpRequestGets the host name of the server that reviewed the request
getServerPort.HttpRequestGets the port number on which this request was received
getSource.RspDocumentGets the source reference of an RSP document
getSource.RspStringGets the source reference of an RSP string
getSuffixSpecs.RspConstructGets the suffix specifications
getType.RspDocumentGets the type of the RspDocument
getType.RspPageDirectiveGets the content type
getType.RspProductGets the type of an RSP product
getType.RspStringGets the type of an RSP string
getVerbatim.RspIncludeDirectiveChecks if verbatim include should be used or not
getVerbatim.RspLanguageGets a verbatim string specific for a given RSP response...
getWrap.RspIncludeDirectiveGet the wrap length
hasParameter.HttpRequestChecks if a parameter exists
hasProcessor.RspProductChecks whether a processor exist or not for an RSP product
HtmlRspLanguageThe HtmlRspLanguage class
HttpDaemonThe HttpDaemon class
HttpDaemonRspResponseThe HttpDaemonRspResponse class
HttpRequestThe HttpRequest class
indexOfNonQuotedGets the first index of a string that is not inside a double...
isStarted.HttpDaemonChecks if the HTTP daemon is started
makeSourceCode.RspSourceCodeFactoryMakes a RspSourceCode object
mergeTexts.RspDocumentMerge neighboring 'text' elements
nbrOfLines.RspStringGets the number of lines in an RSP string
nbrOfParameters.HttpRequestGets the number of parameters
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
openUrl.HttpDaemonStarts the HTTP daemon and launches the specified URL
parseCode.RspRSourceCodeParses the R code
parseDirective.RspUnparsedDirectiveParses the unknown RSP directive for its class
parseDocument.RspParserParse an RSP string into and RSP document
parseDocument.RspStringParses an RSP string into a RSP document
parseExpression.RspUnparsedExpressionParses the unknown RSP expression for its class
parseRaw.RspParserParses the string into blocks of text and RSP
parseVignetteParses an Rnw file
parseVignettesLocates and parses all vignettes
preprocess.RspDocumentProcesses all RSP preprocessing directives
print.RspArgumentsPrints RSP arguments
print.RspObjectPrints a summary of an RSP object
processRsp.HttpDaemonProcesses an RSP page
process.RspProductProcesses an RSP file product
rargsGets RSP arguments of an RSP document
rcatEvaluates an RSP string and outputs the generated string
rcleanCompiles an RSP document into a preprocessed and validated...
rcodeCompiles an RSP document and returns the generated source...
rcompileCompiles an RSP document
requireAttributes.RspDirectiveAsserts that certain attributes exist
restart.HttpDaemonRestarts the HTTP daemon
rfileEvaluates and postprocesses an RSP document and outputs the...
R.rsp-packagePackage R.rsp
RRspPackageThe RRspPackage class
RspCodeThe RspCode class
RspCodeChunkThe RspCodeChunk class
RspCommentThe RspComment class
RspConstructThe RspConstruct class
RspCutDirectiveThe RspCopyDirective class
RspDirectiveThe abstract RspDirective class
RspDocumentThe RspDocument class
RspErrorDirectiveThe RspErrorDirective class
RspEvalDirectiveThe RspEvalDirective class
RspExceptionThe RspException class
RspExpressionThe RspExpression class
RspFileProductThe RspFileProduct class
RspIfDirectiveThe RspIfDirective class
RspIncludeDirectiveThe RspIncludeDirective class
RspLanguageThe RspLanguage class
RspMetaDirectiveThe RspMetaDirective class
RspObjectThe abstract RspObject class
RspPageThe RspPage class
RspPageDirectiveThe RspPageDirective class
RspParserThe RspParser class
RspProductThe RspProduct class
RspResponseThe RspResponse class
RspRSourceCodeThe RspRSourceCode class
RspRSourceCodeFactoryThe RspRSourceCodeFactory class
RspShSourceCodeThe RspShSourceCode class
RspShSourceCodeFactoryThe RspShSourceCodeFactory class
RspSourceCodeThe RspSourceCode class
RspSourceCodeFactoryThe RspSourceCodeFactory class
RspStringThe RspString class
RspStringProductThe RspStringProduct class
rspTangleA tangle function for RSP documents
RspTextThe RspText class
RspUnknownDirectiveThe RspUnknownDirective class
RspUnparsedDirectiveThe RspUnparsedDirective class
RspUnparsedExpressionThe RspUnparsedExpression class
RspVariableDirectiveThe RspVariableDirective class
RspVoidThe RspVoid class
rspWeaveA weave function for RSP documents
rstringEvaluates an RSP string and returns the generated string
setRootPaths.HttpDaemonSets a new set of root directories for the HTTP daemon
sourceTcl.HttpDaemonLoads the Tcl source for the HTTP daemon into R
splitUrlDecomposes a URL into its components
startHelp.HttpDaemonStarts the HTTP daemon and launches the help page
start.HttpDaemonStarts the HTTP daemon
subset.RspDocumentSubsets an RspDocument
tangle.RspSourceCodeDrops all text-outputting calls from the source code
terminate.HttpDaemonTerminates the HTTP daemon
tidy.RspSourceCodeTidy up the RSP source code
toLatex.characterEscapes character strings to become LaTeX compatible
toR.RspDocumentTranslates the RSP document into R source code
toR.RspStringParses and translates the RSP string into R code
toSourceCode.RspSourceCodeFactoryTranslates an RSP document to source code
trimNonText.RspDocumentTrims all non-text RSP constructs
trim.RspDocumentTrims each of the RSP constructs
typeOfRnwChecks whether an Rnw file is a Sweave or a knitr file
view.RspProductViews the RSP product
writeResponse.HttpDaemonWrites a string to the HTTP output connection
writeResponse.RspResponseWrites an RSP response to the predefined output
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