RspSourceCodeFactory: The RspSourceCodeFactory class

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Package: R.rsp
Class RspSourceCodeFactory


Directly known subclasses:
RspRSourceCodeFactory, RspShSourceCodeFactory

public abstract class RspSourceCodeFactory
extends character

An RspSourceCodeFactory is language-specific engine that knows how to translate individual RspExpression:s into source code of a specific programming language.





A character string.


Not used.

Fields and Methods


exprToCode Translates an RspExpression into source code.
getCompleteCode Gets the source code header, body, and footer.
getLanguage Gets the language.
makeSourceCode Makes a RspSourceCode object.
toSourceCode Translates an RSP document to source code.

Methods inherited from character:
all.equal, as.Date, as.POSIXlt,, as.raster, downloadFile, formula, getDLLRegisteredRoutines, isOpen, toAsciiRegExprPattern, toFileListTree, toLatex, uses


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