Man pages for R.utils
Various Programming Utilities

addFinalizerToLastModifies .Last() to call 'finalizeSession()
ArgumentsStatic class to validate and process arguments
asByte.JavaConverts a numeric to a Java byte
as.character.GStringGets the processed character string
as.character.OptionsReturns a character string version of this object
as.character.ProgressBarGets a string description of the progress bar
as.character.VerboseReturns a character string version of this object
as.double.VerboseGets a numeric value of this object
asInt.JavaConverts an numeric to a Java integer
as.list.MultiVerboseGets a list of Verbose objects
as.list.OptionsGets a list representation of the options
as.logical.VerboseGets a logical value of this object
asLong.JavaConverts a numeric to a Java long
AssertThe Assert class
asShort.JavaConverts a numeric to a Java short
attachLocally.listAssigns an objects elements locally
callHooksCall hook functions by hook name
callHooks.functionCall hook functions
capitalizeCapitalizes/decapitalizes each character string in a vector
captureOutputEvaluate an R expression and captures the output
capture.VerboseCaptures output of a function
cat.VerboseConcatenates and prints objects if above threshold
check.AssertStatic method asserting that a generic condition is true
cleanup.FileProgressBarRemoves the progress file for a file progress bar
cmdArgsSimple access to parsed command-line arguments
cmdArgsCallCalls an R function passing command-line arguments
colClassesCreates a vector of column classes used for tabular reading
commandArgsExtract command-line arguments
compile.SmartCommentsPreprocess a vector of code lines
compressFileCompressing and decompressing files
compressPDFCompresses a PDF (into a new PDF)
convertComment.SmartCommentsConverts a single smart comment to R code
convertComment.VCommentsConverts a verbose comment to R code
copyDirectoryCopies a directory
copyFileCopies a file atomically
countLinesCounts the number of lines in a text file
createFileAtomicallyCreates a file atomically
createLinkCreates a link to a file or a directory
createWindowsShortcutCreates a Microsoft Windows Shortcut (.lnk file)
currentTimeMillis.SystemGet the current time in milliseconds
dataFrameAllocates a data frame with given column classes
detachPackageDetaches packages by name
dimNALT_-Sets the dimension of an object with the option to infer one...
displayCodeDisplays the contents of a text file with line numbers and...
doCallExecutes a function call with option to ignore unused...
downloadFile.characterDownloads a file
draw.densityDraws a density curve
egetGets a variable by name
egsubGlobal substitute of expression using regular expressions
enter.VerboseWrites a message and indents the following output
envCreates a new environment, evaluates an expression therein,...
equals.OptionsChecks if this object is equal to another Options object
equals.VerboseChecks if this object is equal to another
evaluate.GStringParses and evaluates a GString
evaluate.VerboseEvaluates a function and prints its results if above...
exit.VerboseWrites a message and unindents the following output
extract.arrayExtract a subset of an array, matrix or a vector with unknown...
fileAccessChecks the permission of a file or a directory
file.info2Extract File Information (acknowledging symbolic file links...
filePathConstruct the path to a file from components and expands...
FileProgressBarA progress bar that sets the size of a file accordingly
finalizeSessionFunction to call for finalizing the R session
findFilesFinds one or several files in multiple directories
findGhostscript.SystemSearches for a Ghostview executable on the current system
findGraphicsDevice.SystemSearches for a working PNG device
findSettings.SettingsSearches for the settings file in one or several directories
findSourceTracebackFinds all 'srcfile' objects generated by source() in all call...
flush.TextStatusBarFlushes the output
format.binmodeConverts a binary/octal/hexadecimal number into a string
gcatParses, evaluates and outputs a GString
gcDLLsIdentifies and removes DLLs of packages already unloaded
getAbsolutePathGets the absolute pathname string
getBarString.ProgressBarGets the progress bar string to be displayed
getBuiltinDate.GStringGets the current date
getBuiltinDatetime.GStringGets the current date and time
getBuiltinHostname.GStringGets the hostname of the system running R
getBuiltinOs.GStringGets the operating system of the running machine
getBuiltinPid.GStringGets the process id of the current R session
getBuiltinRhome.GStringGets the path where R is installed
getBuiltinRversion.GStringGets the current R version
getBuiltinTime.GStringGets the current time
getBuiltinUsername.GStringGets the username of the user running R
getCharacters.ArgumentsCoerces to a character vector and validates
getDoubles.ArgumentsCoerces to a double vector and validates
getEnvironment.ArgumentsGets an existing environment
getFilename.ArgumentsGets and validates a filename
getHostname.SystemRetrieves the computer name of the current host
getIndices.ArgumentsCoerces to a integer vector and validates
getInstanceOf.ArgumentsGets an instance of the object that is of a particular class
getIntegers.ArgumentsCoerces to a integer vector and validates
getLabel.TextStatusBarGets the current value of a label
getLeaves.OptionsGets all (non-list) options in a flat list
getLoadedPathname.SettingsGets the pathname of the settings file loaded
getLogicals.ArgumentsCoerces to a logical vector and validates
getMessage.TimeoutExceptionGets the message of the exception
getNumerics.ArgumentsCoerces to a numeric vector and validates
getOption.OptionsGets an option
getParentGets the string of the parent specified by this pathname
getRaw.GStringGets the unprocessed GString
getReadablePathname.ArgumentsGets a readable pathname
getReadablePathnames.ArgumentsGets a readable pathname
getRegularExpression.ArgumentsGets a valid regular expression pattern
getRelativePathGets the relative pathname relative to a directory
getThreshold.VerboseGets current verbose threshold
getTimestampFormat.VerboseGets the default timestamp format
getUsername.SystemRetrieves the name of the user running R
getVariableValue.GStringGets a variable value given a name and attributes
getVector.ArgumentsValidates a vector
getVerbose.ArgumentsCoerces to Verbose object
getWritablePathname.ArgumentsGets a writable pathname
gstringParses and evaluates a GString into a regular string
GString-classCharacter string with advanced substitutions
hasOption.OptionsChecks if an option exists
hasUrlProtocolChecks if one or several pathnames has a URL protocol
header.VerboseWrites a header
hpasteConcatenating vectors into human-readable strings
hsizeConvert byte sizes into human-readable byte sizes
inAnyInterval.numericChecks if a set of values are inside one or more intervals
increase.ProgressBarIncreases (steps) progress bar
inheritsFrom.AssertStatic method asserting that an object inherits from of a...
insertInsert values to a vector at certain positions
installPackagesInstall R packages by name or URL
intervalsToSeq.matrixGenerates a vector of indices from a matrix of intervals
intToBinConverts an integer to a binary/octal/hexadecimal number
isAbsolutePathChecks if this pathname is absolute
isDirectoryChecks if the file specification is a directory
isDone.ProgressBarChecks if progress bar is completed
isEof.connectionChecks if the current file position for a connection is at...
isFileChecks if the file specification is a file
isMatrix.AssertStatic method asserting that an object is a matrix
isModified.SettingsChecks if settings has been modified compared to whats on...
isOn.NullVerboseChecks if the output is on
isOn.VerboseChecks if the output is on
isOpen.characterChecks if there is an open connection to a file
isPackageInstalledChecks if a package is installed or not
isPackageLoadedChecks if a package is loaded or not
isReplicatedIdentifies all entries with replicated values
isScalar.AssertStatic method asserting that an object is a single value
isSingleIdentifies all entries that exists exactly once
isUrlChecks if one or several pathnames is URLs
isVector.AssertStatic method asserting that an object is a vector
isVisible.NullVerboseChecks if a certain verbose level will be shown or not
isVisible.VerboseChecks if a certain verbose level will be shown or not
isZeroChecks if a value is (close to) zero or not
JavaStatic class for Java related methods
lastModifiedGets the time when the file was last modified
LCommentsThe LComments class
less.VerboseCreates a cloned instance with a higher threshold
listDirectoryGets the file names in the directory
loadAnywhere.SettingsLoads settings from file
loadObjectMethod to load object from a file or a connection
loadToEnvMethod to load objects to a new environment
mapToIntervals.numericMaps values to intervals
mergeIntervals.numericMerges intervals
mkdirsCreates a directory including any necessary but nonexistent...
more.VerboseCreates a cloned instance with a lower threshold
moutMiscellaneous functions for outputting via message()
moveInSearchPathMoves a environment in the search path to another position
mpagerA \"pager\" function that outputs to standard error
MultiVerboseA Verbose class ignoring everything
names.OptionsGets the full pathname of all (non-list) options
nbrOfOptions.OptionsGets the number of options set
newline.TextStatusBarWrites a newline
newline.VerboseWrites one or several empty lines
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
nullfileGets the pathname or a connection to the NULL device on the...
NullVerboseA Verbose class ignoring everything
off.VerboseTurn off the output
onGarbageCollectRegisters a function to be called when the R garbage...
onSessionExitRegisters a function to be called when the R session finishes
on.VerboseTurn on the output
openBrowser.SystemOpens an HTML document using the OS default HTML browser
OptionsThe Options class
parseDebian.SystemParses a string, file or connection for Debian formatted...
parse.GStringParses a GString
parse.SmartCommentsParses one single smart comment
patchCodePatches installed and loaded packages and more
popBackupFileDrops a backup suffix from the backup pathname
popMessage.TextStatusBarAdds a message above the status bar
popTemporaryFileDrops a temporary suffix from the temporary pathname
printfC-style formatted output
printf.VerboseFormats and prints object if above threshold
print.GStringPrints the processed GString
print.VerbosePrints objects if above threshold
ProgressBarProvides text based counting progress bar
promptAndSave.SettingsPrompt user to save modified settings
pushBackupFileAppends a backup suffix to the pathname
pushState.VerbosePushes the current indentation state of the Verbose object
pushTemporaryFileAppends a temporary suffix to the pathname
queryRCmdCheckGets the on R CMD check if the current R session was launched...
readBinFragmentsReads binary data from disjoint sections of a connection or a...
readByte.JavaReads a Java formatted byte (8 bits) from a connection
readInt.JavaReads a Java formatted int (32 bits) from a connection
readRdHelpReads one or more Rd help files in a certain format
readShort.JavaReads a Java formatted short (16 bits) from a connection
readTableReads a file in table format
readTableIndexReads a single column from file in table format
readUTF.JavaReads a Java (UTF-8) formatted string from a connection
readWindowsShellLinkReads a Microsoft Windows Shortcut (.lnk file)
readWindowsShortcutReads a Microsoft Windows Shortcut (.lnk file)
reassignInPackageRe-assigns a new value to an existing object in a loaded...
removeDirectoryRemoves a directory
renameFileRenames a file (or a directory) atomically/safely
resampleSample values from a set of elements
reset.ProgressBarReset progress bar
reset.SmartCommentsResets a SmartComments compiler
reset.VCommentsResets a VComments compiler
ruler.VerboseWrites a ruler
R.utils-packagePackage R.utils
saveAnywhere.SettingsSaves settings to file
saveObjectSaves an object to a file or a connection
seqToHumanReadableGets a short human readable string representation of an...
seqToIntervalsGets all contiguous intervals of a vector of indices
setDefaultLevel.VerboseSets the current default verbose level
setLabels.TextStatusBarSets new values of given labels
setLabel.TextStatusBarSets the value of a label
setMaxValue.ProgressBarSets maximum value
setOptionSets a option in R
setOption.OptionsSets an option
setProgress.ProgressBarSets current progress
setStepLength.ProgressBarSets default step length
setThreshold.VerboseSets verbose threshold
setTicks.ProgressBarSets values for which ticks should be visible
setTimestampFormat.VerboseSets the default timestamp format
SettingsClass for applicational settings
setValue.ProgressBarSets current value
shell.exec2Open a file or URL using Windows File Associations
SmartCommentsAbstract class SmartComments
sourceDirectorySources files recursively to either local or global...
sourceToParses and evaluates code from a file or a connection
splitByPatternSplits a single character string by pattern
stextWrites text in the margin along the sides of a plot
str.OptionsPrints the structure of the options
str.VerbosePrints the structure of an object if above threshold
subplotsCreates a grid of subplots
summary.VerboseGenerates a summary of an object if above threshold
swapXY.densitySwaps x and y coordinates of a density object
Sys.readlink2Read File Symbolic Links (also on Windows)
SystemStatic class to query information about the system
systemRLaunches another R process from within R
tempvarGets a unique non-existing temporary variable name
TextStatusBarA status bar at the R prompt that can be updated
TimeoutExceptionTimeoutException represents timeout errors
timestampOn.VerboseTurns automatic timestamping on and off
timestamp.VerboseWrites a timestamp
tmpfileCreates a temporary file with content
toCamelCaseConverts a string of words into a merged camel-cased word
touchFileUpdates the timestamp of a file
toUrlConverts a pathname into a URL
unwrap.arrayUnwrap an array, matrix or a vector to an array of more...
update.FileProgressBarUpdates file progress bar
updateLabels.TextStatusBarSets the new values of given labels and updates the status...
update.ProgressBarUpdates progress bar
update.TextStatusBarUpdates the status bar (visually)
useAttaches or loads packages
useReposSets package repositories
validate.SmartCommentsValidates the compiled lines
validate.VCommentsValidates the compiled lines
VCommentsThe VComments class
VerboseClass to writing verbose messages to a connection or file
warnings.VerboseOutputs any warnings recorded
whichVector.logicalIdentifies TRUE elements in a logical vector
withCaptureEvaluates an expression and captures the code and/or the...
withLocaleEvaluate an R expression with locale set temporarily
withOptionsEvaluate an R expression with options set temporarily
withReposEvaluate an R expression with repositories set temporarily
withSeedEvaluate an R expression with a temporarily set random set
withSinkEvaluate an R expression while temporarily diverting output
withTimeoutEvaluate an R expression and interrupts it if it takes too...
wrap.arrayReshape an array or a matrix by permuting and/or joining...
writeBinFragmentsWrites binary data to disjoint sections of a connection or a...
writeByte.JavaWrites a byte (8 bits) to a connection in Java format a data.frame to tabular text file
writeInt.JavaWrites a integer (32 bits) to a connection in Java format
writeRaw.MultiVerboseWrites to each of the Verbose objects
writeRaw.NullVerboseAll output methods
writeRaw.VerboseWrites objects if above threshold
writeShort.JavaWrites a short (16 bits) to a connection in Java format
writeUTF.JavaWrites a string to a connection in Java format (UTF-8)
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