Man pages for R2admb
'ADMB' to R Interface Functions

admb_versionQuery ADMB version
AIC.admbStandard accessor functions for ADMB model fits
compile_admbCompile ADMB files, run, read output
do_admbCompile and/or run an ADMB model, collect output
extract_gradientExtract gradients
find_large_corFind large correlations
mcmc.controlControl options for MCMC after ADMB fitting
plot.admb_histPlot MCMC histogram
R2admb-packageADMB to R interface functions
read_parsRead in parameters from an AD Model Builder run
read_pltRead in ADMB profile file
run.controlset run options for running ADMB via R
setup_admbSet up AD Model Builder environment variables
write_pinWrite parameter and data files for ADMB
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