gut_nrads: Result of normalization of gut_otu_table with 'max_rank =...

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Normalized rads created from gut_otu_table with max_rank = 400 and average_over = 2000. gut_otu_table has 18 gut samples from 3 individuals, prior, under and after using Ciprofloxacin (Cp) antibiotic. Each row is the abundance of gut microbiome for one sample. The row names are as follows:




Contain the result of RADnormalization_matrix(input = gut_otu_table,max_rank = 400,average_over = 2000)


points 1 and 2 are considered pre-Cp, points 3 are considered under-Cp and point 4 and 5 are considered post-Cp.

order of rows are similar to gut_otu_table

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