Cursors: BerkeleyDB Database Operations and Methods

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Low-level calls to the BerkeleyDB API. These functions simply wrap most of the DB functionality and expose it at the R level.

Documentation on usage, valid arguments, and flags from the official Oracle C API should be all that is required to correctly use this API.

Database Cursors Description
db_cursor Create a cursor
dbcursor_close Close a cursor
dbcursor_count Return count of duplicates
dbcursor_del Delete by cursor
dbcursor_dup Duplicate a cursor
dbcursor_get Retrieve by cursor
dbcursor_pget Retrieve by cursor
dbcursor_put Store by cursor
dbcursor_set_priority Set the cursor's cache priority


The user should refer to the official API documentation for the Berkeley DB database available from Oracle.


Varies by function call.


Jeffrey A. Ryan for the R API


Oracle Berkeley DB

Oracle Berkeley DB C API

Oracle Berkeley DB Reference Guide

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