Databases: BerkeleyDB Database Operations and Methods

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Low-level calls to the BerkeleyDB API. These functions simply wrap most of the DB functionality and expose it at the R level.

Documentation on usage, valid arguments, and flags from the official Oracle C API should be all that is required to correctly use this API.

Database Operations Description
db_create Create a database handle
db_associate* Associate a secondary index
db_close Close a database
db_compact Compact a database
db_cursor Create a cursor
db_del Delete items from a database
db_err* Error message
db_errx* Error message
db_exists Return if an item appears in a database
db_fd Return a file descriptor from a database
db_get Get items from a database
db_pget* Get items from a database
db_get_byteswapped Return if the underlying database is in host order
db_get_type Return the database type
db_join* Perform a database join on cursors
db_key_range Return estimate of key location
db_open Open a database
db_put Store items into a database
db_remove Remove a database
db_rename Rename a database
db_set_priority Set cache page priority
db_stat, db_stat_print Database statistics
db_sync Flush a database to stable storage
db_truncate Empty a database
db_upgrade Upgrade a database
db_verify* Verify/salvage a database
db_strerror Error strings
db_version Return version information
Database Configuration Description
db_set_alloc* Set local space allocation functions
db_set_cachesize Set the database cache size
db_set_dup_compare* Set a duplicate comparison function
db_set_encrypt Set the database cryptographic key
db_set_errcall* Set error and informational message callback
db_set_msgcall* Set error and informational message callback
db_set_errfile Set error and informational message FILE
db_set_msgfile Set error and informational message FILE
db_set_errpfx Set error message prefix
db_set_feedback* Set feedback callback
db_set_flags General database configuration
db_set_lorder Set the database byte order
db_set_pagesize Set the underlying database page size


The user should refer to the official API documentation for the Berkeley DB database available from Oracle.


Varies by function call.


Jeffrey A. Ryan for the R API


Oracle Berkeley DB

Oracle Berkeley DB C API

Oracle Berkeley DB Reference Guide

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