RConics: Computations on Conics

Solve some conic related problems (intersection of conics with lines and conics, arc length of an ellipse, polar lines, etc.).

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AuthorEmanuel Huber
Date of publication2014-12-26 14:36:49
MaintainerEmanuel Huber <emanuel.huber@unibas.ch>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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addLine Man page
adjoint Man page
affine planar transformations matrix Man page
arcLengthEllipse Man page
cofactor Man page
colinear Man page
conicMatrixToEllipse Man page
conicThrough5Points Man page
cubic Man page
ellipse Man page
ellipseToConicMatrix Man page
intersectConicConic Man page
intersectConicLine Man page
join Man page
meet Man page
minor Man page
parallel Man page
pEllipticInt Man page
polar Man page
quadraticFormToMatrix Man page
RConics Man page
RConics-package Man page
reflection Man page
rotation Man page
scaling Man page
skewSymmetricMatrix Man page
splitDegenerateConic Man page
translation Man page

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