Man pages for RConics
Computations on Conics

addLineAdd a "homogeneous" line to a plot.
adjointAdjoint matrix
arcLengthEllipseArc length of an ellipse
cofactorMinor(i,j)-cofactor and (i,j)-minor of a matrix
colinearTest for colinearity
conicMatrixToEllipseTransformation of the matrix representation of an ellipse...
conicThrough5PointsCompute the conic that passes through 5 points
cubicRoots of the cubic equation.
ellipseReturn ellipse points
ellipseToConicMatrixTransformation of the ellipse parameters into the matrix...
intersectionIntersections with conics
joinMeetParallelThe join and meet of two points and the parallel
pEllipticIntPartial elliptic integral
polarPolar line of point with respect to a conic
quadraticFormToMatrixTransformation of the quadratic conic representation into the...
RConics-packageComputations on conics
skewSymmetricMatrix(3 \times 3) skew symmetric matrix
splitDegenerateConicSplit degenerate conic
transformationsAffine planar transformation matrix
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