RFOC: Graphics for Spherical Distributions and Earthquake Focal Mechanisms

Graphics for statistics on a sphere, as applied to geological fault data, crystallography, earthquake focal mechanisms, radiation patterns, ternary plots and geographical/geological maps. Non-double couple plotting of focal spheres and source type maps are included for statistical analysis of moment tensors.

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AuthorJonathan M. Lees
Date of publication2017-03-13 19:25:31
MaintainerJonathan M. Lees <jonathan.lees@unc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addmecpoints: Add points to Focal Mech

addPT: Add P-T Axis to focal plot

addPTarrows: Add fancy 3D arrows

addsmallcirc: Small Circle on Stereonet

AlongGreat: Get Points Along Great Circle

alpha95: 95 percent confidence for Spherical Distribution

AXpoint: Extract Axis pole on Stereonet

bang: Angle between two 2D normalized vectors

Beachfoc: Plot a BeachBall Focal Mechanism

Bfocvec: Angles for Ternary plot

BOXarrows3D: Create a 3D Arrow structure

circtics: Draw circular ticmarks

CONVERTSDR: Convert Strike-Dip-Rake to MEC structure

CROSSL: Vector Cross Product

cross.prod: Vector Cross Product

doNonDouble: Plot Non-double Couple Moment

EApoint: Equal-area point stereonet

egl: Tungurahua Cartesian Moment Tensors

fancyarrows: Make fancy arrows

faultplane: fault plane projection on focal sphere

FixDip: Fix Dip Angle

flipnodal: Flip Nodal Fault Plane

FOCangles: Angles for focal planes

foc.color: Get color of Focal Mechansim

foc.icolor: Get Fault Style

focleg: Fault style descriptor

focpoint: add point on focal sphere

forcerighthand: Force Right-Hand System

getCMT: Read CMT

GetRake: Calculate Rake angles

GetRakeSense: Get Rake Sense

getUWfocs: Get UW focals

HAMMERprojXY: Hammer Projection

hudson.net: Hudson Net Plot

hudson.plot: Hudson Source Type Plot

imageP: P-wave radiation pattern

imageSCALE: add scale on sice of image

imageSH: P-wave radiation pattern

imageSV: P-wave radiation pattern

inverseTAPE: Inverse Moment Tensor

jimbo: Moment Tensors from the Harvard CMT

JMAT: Vertical Rotation matrix

justfocXY: Plot focal mechanism

KAMCORN: SDR data from the Harvard CMT catalog

lowplane: Plot one Fault plane on stereonet

m2tk: Moment tensor to T-k

makeblock3D: Make a 3D block Structure

makenet: Equal-Angle Stereonet

MapNonDouble: Map moment tensors

mc2cart: Convert azimuth, dip to Cartesian Coordinates

mijsdr: Moment Tensor to Strike-Dip-Rake

MomentDist: Distance Between Moment Tensors

MRake: Rake Calculation

net: EqualArea Stereonet

nipXY: Fault-Slip vector plot

nodalLines: Nodal Lines

normal.fault: Normal Fault Cartoon

pcirc: Circle Plot

pglyph3D: Plot a 3D body on an existing graphic

phong3D: Phong shading for a 3D body

PKAM: P and T-axes data from the Harvard CMT catalog

plotfoc: Plot Focal Radiation Patterns

plotmanyfoc: Plot Many Focals

plotMEC: Plot a Focal Mechanism

PlotPlanes: Plot Fault an Auxilliary Planes

PlotPTsmooth: Plot Smooth PT-axes

PlotTernfoc: Ternary Distribution of focal mechanisms

PLTcirc: Circle Plot with Cross Hairs

pnet: plot stereonet

polyfoc: Polt the focal mechanism polygon

Pradfoc: Plot P-wave radiation

Preflect: Reflect a pole through to the lower hemisphere

prepFOCS: Prepare Focals

printMEC: Print focal mechanism

PROJ3D: Project 3D

PTaxes: Plot P-T axis on CLVD

PTXY2: Plot P-T Axes

qpoint: Point on Stereonet

radiateP: Plot radiation pattern for P-waves

radiateSH: Plot radiation pattern for SH-waves

radiateSV: Plot radiation pattern for SV-waves

radP: Radiation pattern for P waves

radSH: Radiation pattern for SH waves

radSV: Radiation pattern for SV waves

rakelegend: Focal Legend based on rake

readCMT: Read Harvard CMT moment

RectDense: Divide a region into rectangles based on density

REFLECT: reflect pole

RFOC-package: Calculates and plot Earthquake Focal Mechanisms

rotateFoc: Rotate Focal Mechanism

Rotfocphi: Rotate Focal Mechanism

RotTP: Rotate T-P axes

ROTX: X-axis Rotation Matrix

rotx3: Rotate about the x axis

ROTY: Y-axis Rotation Matrix

roty3: Rotate about the y axis

ROTZ: Z-axis Rotation Matrix

rotz3: Rotate about the z axis

SDRfoc: Plot a Focal Mechanism from SDR

ShadowCLVD: Plot CLVD focal mechanism

SHradfoc: Plot SH-wave radiation

SourceType: Moment Tensor Source Type

spherefocgeo: SphereFocGeo

spline.arrow: Spline Arrow

StrikeDip: Plot Strike Dip Lines

strikeslip.fault: Strikeslip Fault Cartoon

SVradfoc: Plot SV-wave radiation

TapeBase: Tape Base Lines

TapePlot: Tape style Lune Plot

TEACHFOC: Graphical Plot of Focal Mechanism

ternfocgeo: Ternary Focals

ternfoc.point: Plot Ternary Point

testrightHAND: Test Right Hand of tensor

thrust.fault: Thrust Fault Cartoon

tk2uv: Tk2uv

TOCART.DIP: Convert to Cartesian

tocartL: Convert to cartesian coordinate

TOSPHERE: Convert to Spherical Coordinates

TOSPHERE.DIP: convert to spherical coordinates

tosphereL: convert to spherical coordinates

to.spherical: Convert Cartesian to Spherical

TP2XYZ: Trend - Dip to XYZ

TRANmat: Translation Matrix

Vmoments: Cartesian Moment Tensors

widdenMoments: Cartesian Moment Tensors

Wnet: Wulff Stereonet

Wpoint: Plot points on Wulff Stereonet

xsecmanyfoc: Plot Focal Mechs at X-Y position on cross sections

Z3Darrow: Make a 3D arrow


addmecpoints Man page
addPT Man page
addPTarrows Man page
addsmallcirc Man page
AlongGreat Man page
alpha95 Man page
AXpoint Man page
bang Man page
Beachfoc Man page
Bfocvec Man page
BOXarrows3D Man page
circtics Man page
CROSSL Man page
cross.prod Man page
doNonDouble Man page
EApoint Man page
egl Man page
fancyarrows Man page
faultplane Man page
FixDip Man page
flipnodal Man page
FOCangles Man page
foc.color Man page
foc.icolor Man page
focleg Man page
focpoint Man page
forcerighthand Man page
getCMT Man page
GetRake Man page
GetRakeSense Man page
getUWfocs Man page
HAMMERprojXY Man page
hudson.net Man page
hudson.plot Man page
imageP Man page
imageSCALE Man page
imageSH Man page
imageSV Man page
inverseTAPE Man page
jimbo Man page
JMAT Man page
justfocXY Man page
KAMCORN Man page
lowplane Man page
m2tk Man page
makeblock3D Man page
makenet Man page
MapNonDouble Man page
mc2cart Man page
mijsdr Man page
MomentDist Man page
MRake Man page
net Man page
nipXY Man page
nodalLines Man page
normal.fault Man page
pcirc Man page
pglyph3D Man page
phong3D Man page
PKAM Man page
plotfoc Man page
plotmanyfoc Man page
plotMEC Man page
PlotPlanes Man page
PlotPTsmooth Man page
PlotTernfoc Man page
PLTcirc Man page
pnet Man page
polyfoc Man page
Pradfoc Man page
Preflect Man page
prepFOCS Man page
printMEC Man page
PROJ3D Man page
PTaxes Man page
PTXY2 Man page
qpoint Man page
radiateP Man page
radiateSH Man page
radiateSV Man page
radP Man page
radSH Man page
radSV Man page
rakelegend Man page
readCMT Man page
RectDense Man page
REFLECT Man page
RFOC Man page
RFOC-package Man page
rotateFoc Man page
Rotfocphi Man page
RotTP Man page
ROTX Man page
rotx3 Man page
ROTY Man page
roty3 Man page
ROTZ Man page
rotz3 Man page
SDRfoc Man page
ShadowCLVD Man page
SHradfoc Man page
SourceType Man page
spherefocgeo Man page
spline.arrow Man page
StrikeDip Man page
strikeslip.fault Man page
SVradfoc Man page
TapeBase Man page
TapePlot Man page
ternfocgeo Man page
ternfoc.point Man page
testrightHAND Man page
thrust.fault Man page
tk2uv Man page
tocartL Man page
tosphereL Man page
to.spherical Man page
TP2XYZ Man page
TRANmat Man page
Vmoments Man page
widdenMoments Man page
Wnet Man page
Wpoint Man page
xsecmanyfoc Man page
Z3Darrow Man page


demo/FOCI.R demo/FOCA.R
R/TapeBase.R R/GetRake.R R/makenet.R R/CROSSL.R R/strikeslip.fault.R R/BOXarrows3D.R R/nipXY.R R/radiateSV.R R/TOSPHERE.DIP.R R/MomentDist.R R/fancyarrows.R R/PROJ3D.R R/mc2cart.R R/imageSH.R R/spherefocgeo.R R/rotateFoc.R R/EApoint.R R/doNonDouble.R R/phong3D.R R/SHradfoc.R R/ROTX.R R/alpha95.R R/Bfocvec.R R/hudson.plot.R R/testrightHAND.R R/AlongGreat.R R/thrust.fault.R R/radSV.R R/Preflect.R R/MapNonDouble.R R/getUWfocs.R R/TOCART.DIP.R R/getCMT.R R/makeblock3D.R R/AXpoint.R R/bang.R R/justfocXY.R R/plotmanyfoc.R R/CONVERTSDR.R R/ternfoc.point.R R/m2tk.R R/rotz3.R R/focpoint.R R/cross.prod.R R/REFLECT.R R/PlotTernfoc.R R/lowplane.R R/plotfoc.R R/circtics.R R/SDRfoc.R R/printMEC.R R/Pradfoc.R R/TEACHFOC.R R/FixDip.R R/Z3Darrow.R R/foc.color.R R/SourceType.R R/addPTarrows.R R/FOCangles.R R/faultplane.R R/addmecpoints.R R/focleg.R R/Beachfoc.R R/TOSPHERE.R R/rotx3.R R/GetRakeSense.R R/radiateSH.R R/SVradfoc.R R/PLTcirc.R R/ROTZ.R R/readCMT.R R/xsecmanyfoc.R R/roty3.R R/mijsdr.R R/tosphereL.R R/hudson.net.R R/imageSCALE.R R/PlotPTsmooth.R R/radiateP.R R/imageSV.R R/to.spherical.R R/addsmallcirc.R R/foc.icolor.R R/radSH.R R/TapePlot.R R/RectDense.R R/PTaxes.R R/ternfocgeo.R R/pglyph3D.R R/Wnet.R R/MRake.R R/net.R R/radP.R R/tk2uv.R R/normal.fault.R R/inverseTAPE.R R/TRANmat.R R/imageP.R R/pcirc.R R/Wpoint.R R/ShadowCLVD.R R/rakelegend.R R/spline.arrow.R R/addPT.R R/PlotPlanes.R R/forcerighthand.R R/qpoint.R R/PTXY2.R R/pnet.R R/prepFOCS.R R/plotMEC.R R/nodalLines.R R/ROTY.R R/polyfoc.R R/StrikeDip.R R/HAMMERprojXY.R R/tocartL.R R/flipnodal.R
man/forcerighthand.Rd man/RFOC-package.Rd man/imageSV.Rd man/KAMCORN.Rd man/RectDense.Rd man/foc.icolor.Rd man/FixDip.Rd man/ROTZ.Rd man/printMEC.Rd man/radSH.Rd man/RotTP.Rd man/ternfocgeo.Rd man/TapeBase.Rd man/focpoint.Rd man/CROSSL.Rd man/PTXY2.Rd man/alpha95.Rd man/TOSPHERE.Rd man/MRake.Rd man/Wnet.Rd man/Vmoments.Rd man/circtics.Rd man/SourceType.Rd man/Preflect.Rd man/TOSPHERE.DIP.Rd man/FOCangles.Rd man/ShadowCLVD.Rd man/m2tk.Rd man/strikeslip.fault.Rd man/HAMMERprojXY.Rd man/AXpoint.Rd man/bang.Rd man/BOXarrows3D.Rd man/cross.prod.Rd man/readCMT.Rd man/radiateP.Rd man/spline.arrow.Rd man/PLTcirc.Rd man/faultplane.Rd man/makeblock3D.Rd man/to.spherical.Rd man/Rotfocphi.Rd man/plotMEC.Rd man/tosphereL.Rd man/GetRakeSense.Rd man/PKAM.Rd man/radiateSV.Rd man/plotfoc.Rd man/PlotPlanes.Rd man/getUWfocs.Rd man/rotateFoc.Rd man/flipnodal.Rd man/hudson.net.Rd man/xsecmanyfoc.Rd man/EApoint.Rd man/spherefocgeo.Rd man/GetRake.Rd man/ternfoc.point.Rd man/lowplane.Rd man/prepFOCS.Rd man/radP.Rd man/focleg.Rd man/jimbo.Rd man/doNonDouble.Rd man/imageP.Rd man/addmecpoints.Rd man/plotmanyfoc.Rd man/thrust.fault.Rd man/roty3.Rd man/TP2XYZ.Rd man/pglyph3D.Rd man/AlongGreat.Rd man/TRANmat.Rd man/TapePlot.Rd man/TOCART.DIP.Rd man/JMAT.Rd man/justfocXY.Rd man/radSV.Rd man/MapNonDouble.Rd man/mc2cart.Rd man/pcirc.Rd man/inverseTAPE.Rd man/REFLECT.Rd man/PROJ3D.Rd man/normal.fault.Rd man/imageSH.Rd man/widdenMoments.Rd man/hudson.plot.Rd man/Bfocvec.Rd man/addPTarrows.Rd man/tocartL.Rd man/TEACHFOC.Rd man/Wpoint.Rd man/ROTY.Rd man/nodalLines.Rd man/testrightHAND.Rd man/qpoint.Rd man/imageSCALE.Rd man/tk2uv.Rd man/SDRfoc.Rd man/foc.color.Rd man/addPT.Rd man/rotx3.Rd man/SVradfoc.Rd man/polyfoc.Rd man/SHradfoc.Rd man/egl.Rd man/makenet.Rd man/getCMT.Rd man/CONVERTSDR.Rd man/pnet.Rd man/MomentDist.Rd man/mijsdr.Rd man/net.Rd man/Pradfoc.Rd man/Beachfoc.Rd man/Z3Darrow.Rd man/StrikeDip.Rd man/fancyarrows.Rd man/rakelegend.Rd man/rotz3.Rd man/phong3D.Rd man/addsmallcirc.Rd man/radiateSH.Rd man/PlotPTsmooth.Rd man/PTaxes.Rd man/ROTX.Rd man/nipXY.Rd man/PlotTernfoc.Rd

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