RFOC: Graphics for Spherical Distributions and Earthquake Focal Mechanisms

Graphics for statistics on a sphere, as applied to geological fault data, crystallography, earthquake focal mechanisms, radiation patterns, ternary plots and geographical/geological maps. Non-double couple plotting of focal spheres and source type maps are included for statistical analysis of moment tensors.

AuthorJonathan M. Lees
Date of publication2014-01-06 18:22:22
MaintainerJonathan M. Lees <jonathan.lees@unc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addmecpoints: Add points to Focal Mech

addPT: Add P-T Axis to focal plot

addPTarrows: Add fancy 3D arrows

addsmallcirc: Small Circle on Stereonet

AlongGreat: Get Points Along Great Circle

alpha95: 95 percent confidence for Spherical Distribution

AXpoint: Extract Axis pole on Stereonet

bang: Angle between two 2D normalized vectors

Beachfoc: Plot a BeachBall Focal Mechanism

Bfocvec: Angles for Ternary plot

BOXarrows3D: Create a 3D Arrow structure

circtics: Draw circular ticmarks

CONVERTSDR: Convert Strike-Dip-Rake to MEC structure

CROSSL: Vector Cross Product

cross.prod: Vector Cross Product

doNonDouble: Plot Non-double Couple Moment

EApoint: Equal-area point stereonet

fancyarrows: Make fancy arrows

faultplane: fault plane projection on focal sphere

FixDip: Fix Dip Angle

FOCangles: Angles for focal planes

foc.color: Get color of Focal Mechansim

foc.icolor: Get Fault Style

focleg: Fault style descriptor

focpoint: add point on focal sphere

forcerighthand: Force Right-Hand System

getCMT: Read CMT

GetRake: Calculate Rake angles

GetRakeSense: Get Rake Sense

getUWfocs: Get UW focals

HAMMERprojXY: Hammer Projection

hudson.net: Hudson Net Plot

hudson.plot: Hudson Source Type Plot

imageP: P-wave radiation pattern

imageSCALE: add scale on sice of image

imageSH: P-wave radiation pattern

imageSV: P-wave radiation pattern

inverseTAPE: Inverse Moment Tensor

jimbo: Moment Tensors from the Harvard CMT

JMAT: Vertical Rotation matrix

justfocXY: Plot focal mechanism

KAMCORN: SDR data from the Harvard CMT catalog

lowplane: Plot one Fault plane on stereonet

m2tk: Moment tensor to T-k

makeblock3D: Make a 3D block Structure

makenet: Equal-Angle Stereonet

MapNonDouble: Map moment tensors

mc2cart: Convert azimuth, dip to Cartesian Coordinates

mijsdr: Moment Tensor to Strike-Dip-Rake

MomentDist: Distance Between Moment Tensors

MRake: Rake Calculation

net: EqualArea Stereonet

nipXY: Fault-Slip vector plot

nodalLines: Nodal Lines

normal.fault: Normal Fault Cartoon

pcirc: Circle Plot

pglyph3D: Plot a 3D body on an existing graphic

phong3D: Phong shading for a 3D body

PKAM: P and T-axes data from the Harvard CMT catalog

plotfoc: Plot Focal Radiation Patterns

plotmanyfoc: Plot Many Focals

plotMEC: Plot a Focal Mechanism

PlotPlanes: Plot Fault an Auxilliary Planes

PlotPTsmooth: Plot Smooth PT-axes

PlotTernfoc: Ternary Distribution of focal mechanisms

PLTcirc: Circle Plot with Cross Hairs

pnet: plot stereonet

polyfoc: Polt the focal mechanism polygon

Pradfoc: Plot P-wave radiation

Preflect: Reflect a pole through to the lower hemisphere

prepFOCS: Prepare Focals

printMEC: Print focal mechanism

PROJ3D: Project 3D

PTaxes: Plot P-T axis on CLVD

qpoint: Point on Stereonet

radiateP: Plot radiation pattern for P-waves

radiateSH: Plot radiation pattern for SH-waves

radiateSV: Plot radiation pattern for SV-waves

radP: Radiation pattern for P waves

radSH: Radiation pattern for SH waves

radSV: Radiation pattern for SV waves

rakelegend: Focal Legend based on rake

readCMT: Read Harvard CMT moment

RectDense: Divide a region into rectangles based on density

REFLECT: reflect pole

RFOC-package: Calculates and plot Earthquake Focal Mechanisms

rotateFoc: Rotate Focal Mechanism

Rotfocphi: Rotate Focal Mechanism

RotTP: Rotate T-P axes

ROTX: X-axis Rotation Matrix

rotx3: Rotate about the x axis

ROTY: Y-axis Rotation Matrix

roty3: Rotate about the y axis

ROTZ: Z-axis Rotation Matrix

rotz3: Rotate about the z axis

SDRfoc: Plot a Focal Mechanism from SDR

ShadowCLVD: Plot CLVD focal mechanism

SHradfoc: Plot SH-wave radiation

SourceType: Moment Tensor Source Type

spherefocgeo: SphereFocGeo

spline.arrow: Spline Arrow

StrikeDip: Plot Strike Dip Lines

strikeslip.fault: Strikeslip Fault Cartoon

SVradfoc: Plot SV-wave radiation

TapeBase: Tape Base Lines

TapePlot: Tape style Lune Plot

TEACHFOC: Graphical Plot of Focal Mechanism

ternfocgeo: Ternary Focals

ternfoc.point: Plot Ternary Point

testrightHAND: Test Right Hand of tensor

thrust.fault: Thrust Fault Cartoon

tk2uv: Tk2uv

TOCART.DIP: Convert to Cartesian

tocartL: Convert to cartesian coordinate

TOSPHERE: Convert to Spherical Coordinates

TOSPHERE.DIP: convert to spherical coordinates

tosphereL: convert to spherical coordinates

to.spherical: Convert Cartesian to Spherical

TP2XYZ: Trend - Dip to XYZ

TRANmat: Translation Matrix

Vmoments: Cartesian Moment Tensors

widdenMoments: Cartesian Moment Tensors

Wnet: Wulff Stereonet

Wpoint: Plot points on Wulff Stereonet

xsecmanyfoc: Plot Focal Mechs at X-Y position on cross sections

Z3Darrow: Make a 3D arrow

Files in this package

RFOC/R/TapeBase.R RFOC/R/GetRake.R RFOC/R/makenet.R RFOC/R/CROSSL.R RFOC/R/strikeslip.fault.R RFOC/R/BOXarrows3D.R RFOC/R/nipXY.R RFOC/R/radiateSV.R RFOC/R/TOSPHERE.DIP.R RFOC/R/MomentDist.R RFOC/R/fancyarrows.R RFOC/R/PROJ3D.R RFOC/R/mc2cart.R RFOC/R/imageSH.R RFOC/R/spherefocgeo.R RFOC/R/rotateFoc.R RFOC/R/EApoint.R RFOC/R/doNonDouble.R RFOC/R/phong3D.R RFOC/R/SHradfoc.R RFOC/R/ROTX.R RFOC/R/alpha95.R RFOC/R/Bfocvec.R RFOC/R/hudson.plot.R RFOC/R/testrightHAND.R RFOC/R/AlongGreat.R RFOC/R/thrust.fault.R RFOC/R/radSV.R RFOC/R/Preflect.R RFOC/R/MapNonDouble.R RFOC/R/getUWfocs.R RFOC/R/TOCART.DIP.R RFOC/R/getCMT.R RFOC/R/makeblock3D.R RFOC/R/AXpoint.R RFOC/R/bang.R RFOC/R/justfocXY.R RFOC/R/plotmanyfoc.R RFOC/R/CONVERTSDR.R RFOC/R/ternfoc.point.R RFOC/R/m2tk.R RFOC/R/rotz3.R RFOC/R/focpoint.R RFOC/R/cross.prod.R RFOC/R/REFLECT.R RFOC/R/PlotTernfoc.R RFOC/R/lowplane.R RFOC/R/plotfoc.R RFOC/R/circtics.R RFOC/R/SDRfoc.R RFOC/R/printMEC.R RFOC/R/Pradfoc.R RFOC/R/TEACHFOC.R RFOC/R/FixDip.R RFOC/R/Z3Darrow.R RFOC/R/foc.color.R RFOC/R/SourceType.R RFOC/R/addPTarrows.R RFOC/R/FOCangles.R RFOC/R/faultplane.R RFOC/R/addmecpoints.R RFOC/R/focleg.R RFOC/R/Beachfoc.R RFOC/R/TOSPHERE.R RFOC/R/rotx3.R RFOC/R/GetRakeSense.R RFOC/R/radiateSH.R RFOC/R/SVradfoc.R RFOC/R/PLTcirc.R RFOC/R/ROTZ.R RFOC/R/readCMT.R RFOC/R/xsecmanyfoc.R RFOC/R/roty3.R RFOC/R/mijsdr.R RFOC/R/tosphereL.R RFOC/R/hudson.net.R RFOC/R/imageSCALE.R RFOC/R/PlotPTsmooth.R RFOC/R/radiateP.R RFOC/R/imageSV.R RFOC/R/to.spherical.R RFOC/R/addsmallcirc.R RFOC/R/foc.icolor.R RFOC/R/radSH.R RFOC/R/TapePlot.R RFOC/R/RectDense.R RFOC/R/PTaxes.R RFOC/R/ternfocgeo.R RFOC/R/pglyph3D.R RFOC/R/Wnet.R RFOC/R/MRake.R RFOC/R/net.R RFOC/R/radP.R RFOC/R/tk2uv.R RFOC/R/normal.fault.R RFOC/R/inverseTAPE.R RFOC/R/TRANmat.R RFOC/R/imageP.R RFOC/R/pcirc.R RFOC/R/Wpoint.R RFOC/R/ShadowCLVD.R RFOC/R/rakelegend.R RFOC/R/spline.arrow.R RFOC/R/addPT.R RFOC/R/PlotPlanes.R RFOC/R/forcerighthand.R RFOC/R/qpoint.R RFOC/R/pnet.R RFOC/R/prepFOCS.R RFOC/R/plotMEC.R RFOC/R/nodalLines.R RFOC/R/ROTY.R RFOC/R/polyfoc.R RFOC/R/StrikeDip.R RFOC/R/HAMMERprojXY.R RFOC/R/tocartL.R
RFOC/man/forcerighthand.Rd RFOC/man/RFOC-package.Rd RFOC/man/imageSV.Rd RFOC/man/KAMCORN.Rd RFOC/man/RectDense.Rd RFOC/man/foc.icolor.Rd RFOC/man/FixDip.Rd RFOC/man/ROTZ.Rd RFOC/man/printMEC.Rd RFOC/man/radSH.Rd RFOC/man/RotTP.Rd RFOC/man/ternfocgeo.Rd RFOC/man/TapeBase.Rd RFOC/man/focpoint.Rd RFOC/man/CROSSL.Rd RFOC/man/alpha95.Rd RFOC/man/TOSPHERE.Rd RFOC/man/MRake.Rd RFOC/man/Wnet.Rd RFOC/man/Vmoments.Rd RFOC/man/circtics.Rd RFOC/man/SourceType.Rd RFOC/man/Preflect.Rd RFOC/man/TOSPHERE.DIP.Rd RFOC/man/FOCangles.Rd RFOC/man/ShadowCLVD.Rd RFOC/man/m2tk.Rd RFOC/man/strikeslip.fault.Rd RFOC/man/HAMMERprojXY.Rd RFOC/man/AXpoint.Rd RFOC/man/bang.Rd RFOC/man/BOXarrows3D.Rd RFOC/man/cross.prod.Rd RFOC/man/readCMT.Rd RFOC/man/radiateP.Rd RFOC/man/spline.arrow.Rd RFOC/man/PLTcirc.Rd RFOC/man/faultplane.Rd RFOC/man/makeblock3D.Rd RFOC/man/to.spherical.Rd RFOC/man/Rotfocphi.Rd RFOC/man/plotMEC.Rd RFOC/man/tosphereL.Rd RFOC/man/GetRakeSense.Rd RFOC/man/PKAM.Rd RFOC/man/radiateSV.Rd RFOC/man/plotfoc.Rd RFOC/man/PlotPlanes.Rd RFOC/man/getUWfocs.Rd RFOC/man/rotateFoc.Rd RFOC/man/hudson.net.Rd RFOC/man/xsecmanyfoc.Rd RFOC/man/EApoint.Rd RFOC/man/spherefocgeo.Rd RFOC/man/GetRake.Rd RFOC/man/ternfoc.point.Rd RFOC/man/lowplane.Rd RFOC/man/prepFOCS.Rd RFOC/man/radP.Rd RFOC/man/focleg.Rd RFOC/man/jimbo.Rd RFOC/man/doNonDouble.Rd RFOC/man/imageP.Rd RFOC/man/addmecpoints.Rd RFOC/man/plotmanyfoc.Rd RFOC/man/thrust.fault.Rd RFOC/man/roty3.Rd RFOC/man/TP2XYZ.Rd RFOC/man/pglyph3D.Rd RFOC/man/AlongGreat.Rd RFOC/man/TRANmat.Rd RFOC/man/TapePlot.Rd RFOC/man/TOCART.DIP.Rd RFOC/man/JMAT.Rd RFOC/man/justfocXY.Rd RFOC/man/radSV.Rd RFOC/man/MapNonDouble.Rd RFOC/man/mc2cart.Rd RFOC/man/pcirc.Rd RFOC/man/inverseTAPE.Rd RFOC/man/REFLECT.Rd RFOC/man/PROJ3D.Rd RFOC/man/normal.fault.Rd RFOC/man/imageSH.Rd RFOC/man/widdenMoments.Rd RFOC/man/hudson.plot.Rd RFOC/man/Bfocvec.Rd RFOC/man/addPTarrows.Rd RFOC/man/tocartL.Rd RFOC/man/TEACHFOC.Rd RFOC/man/Wpoint.Rd RFOC/man/ROTY.Rd RFOC/man/nodalLines.Rd RFOC/man/testrightHAND.Rd RFOC/man/qpoint.Rd RFOC/man/imageSCALE.Rd RFOC/man/tk2uv.Rd RFOC/man/SDRfoc.Rd RFOC/man/foc.color.Rd RFOC/man/addPT.Rd RFOC/man/rotx3.Rd RFOC/man/SVradfoc.Rd RFOC/man/polyfoc.Rd RFOC/man/SHradfoc.Rd RFOC/man/makenet.Rd RFOC/man/getCMT.Rd RFOC/man/CONVERTSDR.Rd RFOC/man/pnet.Rd RFOC/man/MomentDist.Rd RFOC/man/mijsdr.Rd RFOC/man/net.Rd RFOC/man/Pradfoc.Rd RFOC/man/Beachfoc.Rd RFOC/man/Z3Darrow.Rd RFOC/man/StrikeDip.Rd RFOC/man/fancyarrows.Rd RFOC/man/rakelegend.Rd RFOC/man/rotz3.Rd RFOC/man/phong3D.Rd RFOC/man/addsmallcirc.Rd RFOC/man/radiateSH.Rd RFOC/man/PlotPTsmooth.Rd RFOC/man/PTaxes.Rd RFOC/man/ROTX.Rd RFOC/man/nipXY.Rd RFOC/man/PlotTernfoc.Rd

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