Man pages for RFOC
Graphics for Spherical Distributions and Earthquake Focal Mechanisms

addmecpointsAdd points to Focal Mech
addPTAdd P-T Axis to focal plot
addPTarrowsAdd fancy 3D arrows
addsmallcircSmall Circle on Stereonet
AlongGreatGet Points Along Great Circle
alpha9595 percent confidence for Spherical Distribution
AXpointExtract Axis pole on Stereonet
bangAngle between two 2D normalized vectors
BeachfocPlot a BeachBall Focal Mechanism
BfocvecAngles for Ternary plot
BOXarrows3DCreate a 3D Arrow structure
circticsDraw circular ticmarks
CONVERTSDRConvert Strike-Dip-Rake to MEC structure
CROSSLVector Cross Product
cross.prodVector Cross Product
doNonDoublePlot Non-double Couple Moment
EApointEqual-area point stereonet
eglTungurahua Cartesian Moment Tensors
fancyarrowsMake fancy arrows
faultplanefault plane projection on focal sphere
FixDipFix Dip Angle
flipnodalFlip Nodal Fault Plane
FOCanglesAngles for focal planes
foc.colorGet color of Focal Mechansim
foc.icolorGet Fault Style
foclegFault style descriptor
focpointadd point on focal sphere
forcerighthandForce Right-Hand System
getCMTRead CMT
GetRakeCalculate Rake angles
GetRakeSenseGet Rake Sense
getUWfocsGet UW focals
HAMMERprojXYHammer Projection
hudson.netHudson Net Plot
hudson.plotHudson Source Type Plot
imagePP-wave radiation pattern
imageSCALEadd scale on sice of image
imageSHP-wave radiation pattern
imageSVP-wave radiation pattern
inverseTAPEInverse Moment Tensor
jimboMoment Tensors from the Harvard CMT
JMATVertical Rotation matrix
justfocXYPlot focal mechanism
KAMCORNSDR data from the Harvard CMT catalog
lowplanePlot one Fault plane on stereonet
m2tkMoment tensor to T-k
makeblock3DMake a 3D block Structure
makenetEqual-Angle Stereonet
MapNonDoubleMap moment tensors
mc2cartConvert azimuth, dip to Cartesian Coordinates
mijsdrMoment Tensor to Strike-Dip-Rake
MomentDistDistance Between Moment Tensors
MRakeRake Calculation
netEqualArea Stereonet
nipXYFault-Slip vector plot
nodalLinesNodal Lines
normal.faultNormal Fault Cartoon
pcircCircle Plot
pglyph3DPlot a 3D body on an existing graphic
phong3DPhong shading for a 3D body
PKAMP and T-axes data from the Harvard CMT catalog
plotfocPlot Focal Radiation Patterns
plotmanyfocPlot Many Focals
plotMECPlot a Focal Mechanism
PlotPlanesPlot Fault an Auxilliary Planes
PlotPTsmoothPlot Smooth PT-axes
PlotTernfocTernary Distribution of focal mechanisms
PLTcircCircle Plot with Cross Hairs
pnetplot stereonet
polyfocPolt the focal mechanism polygon
PradfocPlot P-wave radiation
PreflectReflect a pole through to the lower hemisphere
prepFOCSPrepare Focals
printMECPrint focal mechanism
PROJ3DProject 3D
PTaxesPlot P-T axis on CLVD
PTXY2Plot P-T Axes
qpointPoint on Stereonet
radiatePPlot radiation pattern for P-waves
radiateSHPlot radiation pattern for SH-waves
radiateSVPlot radiation pattern for SV-waves
radPRadiation pattern for P waves
radSHRadiation pattern for SH waves
radSVRadiation pattern for SV waves
rakelegendFocal Legend based on rake
readCMTRead Harvard CMT moment
RectDenseDivide a region into rectangles based on density
REFLECTreflect pole
RFOC-packageCalculates and plot Earthquake Focal Mechanisms
rotateFocRotate Focal Mechanism
RotfocphiRotate Focal Mechanism
RotTPRotate T-P axes
ROTXX-axis Rotation Matrix
rotx3Rotate about the x axis
ROTYY-axis Rotation Matrix
roty3Rotate about the y axis
ROTZZ-axis Rotation Matrix
rotz3Rotate about the z axis
SDRfocPlot a Focal Mechanism from SDR
ShadowCLVDPlot CLVD focal mechanism
SHradfocPlot SH-wave radiation
SourceTypeMoment Tensor Source Type
spline.arrowSpline Arrow
StrikeDipPlot Strike Dip Lines
strikeslip.faultStrikeslip Fault Cartoon
SVradfocPlot SV-wave radiation
TapeBaseTape Base Lines
TapePlotTape style Lune Plot
TEACHFOCGraphical Plot of Focal Mechanism
ternfocgeoTernary Focals
ternfoc.pointPlot Ternary Point
testrightHANDTest Right Hand of tensor
thrust.faultThrust Fault Cartoon
TOCART.DIPConvert to Cartesian
tocartLConvert to cartesian coordinate
TOSPHEREConvert to Spherical Coordinates
TOSPHERE.DIPconvert to spherical coordinates
tosphereLconvert to spherical coordinates
to.sphericalConvert Cartesian to Spherical
TP2XYZTrend - Dip to XYZ
TRANmatTranslation Matrix
VmomentsCartesian Moment Tensors
widdenMomentsCartesian Moment Tensors
WnetWulff Stereonet
WpointPlot points on Wulff Stereonet
xsecmanyfocPlot Focal Mechs at X-Y position on cross sections
Z3DarrowMake a 3D arrow
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