Man pages for RInSp
R Individual Specialization

EindexCalculate index E and Cws
EmcMonte Carlo resampling procedure for index E and Cws
Hier2LVariance partition and WIC/TNW
import.RInSpImport data into a RInSp object
like.WiLikelihood measure of niche breadth
MCp.RInSpMonte Carlo resampling procedure
NODFNestedness metric based on overlap and decreasing fill
Null.Hp.RInSpGenerate a data set based on a specific null hypothesis
overlapMean pairwise overlap
pop.dietCalculate population diet
PSicalcCalculate the proportional similarity index
RinSp2veganVegan support procedure
RInSp-packageR Individual Specialization
SticklebackExample of data from threespine Stickleback gut contents
sumMC.RInSpSummary function for Monte Carlo resampling results
TroutExample of continuous data from fish prey lengths of brown...
WTcMCMonte Carlo resampling of WIC/TNW for the continuous case
WTdMCMonte Carlo resampling of WIC/TNW for the discrete case
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