Stickleback: Example of data from threespine Stickleback gut contents

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Example of data from threespine Stickleback gut contents


Example of a raw data matrix to be used with the import.RInSp procedure. Data are from Bolnick and Paull (2009), studying individual specialization in threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) from 5 sites within one lake in British Columbia. Data columns include:

- FishID: a unique identifier for each individual fish;

- Site: A-E, five locations around the lake where fish were collected;

- Mass: fish mass in grams;

- Standard.length, Body.width, gape.width: fish dimensions in centimetres;

- raker.number: gill raker number;

- raker.length: gill raker length (mm);

- Sex: sex;

- MicrogN, DeltaAir, MicrogC, DeltaPDB: stable isotope data for C and N stable isotope ratios.

All other columns are counts of prey categories in Stickleback stomach contents.




Bolnick, D.I., and Paull, J.S. 2009. Morphological and dietary differences between individuals are weakly but positively correlated within a population of threespine Stickleback. Evolutionary Ecology Research 11: 1217-1233.



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