RJaCGH: Reversible Jump MCMC for the Analysis of CGH Arrays

Bayesian analysis of CGH microarrays fitting Hidden Markov Chain models. The selection of the number of states is made via their posterior probability computed by Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods. Also returns probabilistic common regions for gains/losses.

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AuthorOscar Rueda <rueda.om@gmail.com> and Ramon Diaz-Uriarte <rdiaz02@gmail.com>. zlib from Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler; see README. Function "getHostname.System" from package R.utils by Henrik Bengtsson.
Bioconductor views DNACopyNumber Microarray
Date of publication2015-07-10 20:15:37
MaintainerOscar Rueda <rueda.om@gmail.com>

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genomePlot Man page
gm00143 Man page
gm01524 Man page
gm01535 Man page
gm01750 Man page
gm02948 Man page
gm03134 Man page
gm03563 Man page
gm03576 Man page
gm04435 Man page
gm05296 Man page
gm07081 Man page
gm07408 Man page
gm10315 Man page
gm13031 Man page
gm13330 Man page
modelAveraging Man page
modelAveraging.RJaCGH Man page
normal.HMM.likelihood.NH.C Man page
plot.pREC_S Man page
plotQNH Man page
plot.RJaCGH Man page
pREC_A Man page
pREC_A.RJaCGH Man page
pREC_A.RJaCGH.array Man page
pREC_A.RJaCGH.Chrom Man page
pREC_A.RJaCGH.genome Man page
pREC_S Man page
pREC_S.RJaCGH Man page
pREC_S.RJaCGH.array Man page
pREC_S.RJaCGH.array.Chrom Man page
pREC_S.RJaCGH.array.genome Man page
print.pREC_A Man page
print.pREC_A.Chromosomes Man page
print.pREC_A.none Man page
print.pREC_S Man page
print.pREC_S.Chromosomes Man page
print.pREC_S.none Man page
print.summary.RJaCGH Man page
print.summary.RJaCGH.Chrom Man page
print.summary.RJaCGH.Genome Man page
QNH Man page
relabelStates Man page
relabelStates.RJaCGH Man page
RJaCGH Man page
simulateRJaCGH Man page
smoothMeans Man page
smoothMeans.RJaCGH Man page
snijders Man page
states Man page
states.RJaCGH Man page
summary.RJaCGH Man page
trace.plot Man page

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