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15 human cell strains with known karyotype ( Object taken from GLAD package 1.6.0. (Hupp\'e and Barillot).





A M Snijders, N Nowak, R Segraves, S Blackwood, N Brown, J Conroy, G Hamilton, A K Hindle, B Huey, K Kimura, S Law, K Myambo, J Palmer, B Ylstra, J P Yue, J W Gray, A N Jain, D Pinkel & D G Albertson , Assembly of microarrays for genome-wide measurement of DNA copy number, Nature Genetics 29, pp 263 - 264 (2001) Brief Communications

Philippe Hupp\'e (2005). GLAD: Gain and Loss Analysis of DNA. R package version 1.6.0.



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