RMAWGEN: Multi-Site Auto-Regressive Weather GENerator

S3 and S4 functions are implemented for spatial multi-site stochastic generation of daily time series of temperature and precipitation. These tools make use of Vector AutoRegressive models (VARs). The weather generator model is then saved as an object and is calibrated by daily instrumental "Gaussianized" time series through the 'vars' package tools. Once obtained this model, it can it can be used for weather generations and be adapted to work with several climatic monthly time series.

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AuthorEmanuele Cordano, Emanuele Eccel
Date of publication2017-02-11 04:33:20
MaintainerEmanuele Cordano <emanuele.cordano@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)
https://github.com/ecor/RMAWGEN, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B66otCUk3Bv6V3RPbm1mUG4zVHc/edit, http://presentations.copernicus.org/EGU2012-14026_presentation.pdf, http://presentations.copernicus.org/EGU2012-5404_presentation.pdf

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Man pages

acvWGEN: Plots the auto- and cross- covariance functions between...

adddate: Inserts three columns (year,month,day) passing dates to a...

addsuffixes: Adds suffixes for daily maximum and minimum temperature to...

arch_test: 'arch.test' function for 'varest2' object

ComprehensivePrecipitationGenerator: The comprehensive Precipitation Generator

ComprehensiveTemperatureGenerator: The Comprehensive Temperature Generator

continuity_ratio: Calculates the continuity ratio of a set of precipitation...

countNAs: counts NAs in each row of 'data'

covariance: Calculates the covariance matrix of the normally standardized...

ElevationOf: Extracts the elevation of a meteorological station expressed...

extractdays: Extracts the rows of a matrix corresponding to the requested...

extractmonths: Extracts the rows of a matrix corresponding to requested...

extractTnFromAnomalies: Extracts generated time series of Daily Minimum Temperature...

extractTxFromAnomalies: Extracts generated time series of Daily Maximum Temperature...

extractyears: Extracts the elements of a data frame corresponding to a...

findDate: Finds the date corresponding a row index of a matrix given...

forecastEV: Forecasts the expected value of a VAR realization given the...

forecastResidual: Forecasts the residual value of a VAR realization given the...

generateTemperatureTimeseries: Returns time series of Daily Maximum and Minimum with a...

getDailyMean: Calculates the daily means of a range of days around each...

getMonthlyMean: Calculates the monthly means of a data frame corresponding to...

getVARmodel: Either creates a VAR model or chooses a VAR model by using...

GPCA: This function makes a Gaussianization procedure based on PCA...

GPCA-class: GPCA-class

GPCA_iteration: This function makes an iteration of PCA-Gaussianization...

GPCAiteration-class: GPCAiteration-class

GPCAvarest2-class: GPCAvarest2-class

inv_GPCA: This function makes an inverse Gaussianization procedure...

inv_GPCA_iteration: This function makes an inverse iteration of...

is.monthly.climate: Verifies if 'climate' represents the monthly climatology in...

NewVAReventRealization: Generates a new realization of a VAR model

newVARmultieventRealization: Generates several realizations of a VAR model

normality_test: 'normality.test' method for 'varest2' object

normalizeGaussian: Converts a random variable 'x' extracted by a population...

normalizeGaussian_prec: Converts precipitation values to "Gaussinized"...

normalizeGaussian_severalstations: Converts several samples 'x' random variable extracted by...

normalizeGaussian_severalstations_prec: DEPRECATED Converts several samples 'x' random variable...

plotDailyClimate: Plots daily climatology through one year

plot_sample: It makes a plot by sampling (e.g. monthly) the variables 'x'...

PrecipitationEndDay: Gets the last day in a precipitation time series, expressed...

PrecipitationStartDay: Gets the first day in a precipitation time series, expressed...

print: 'print' S3 method for 'GPCA' or 'GPCA_iteration' object

qqplot.lagged: This function creates a Q-Q plot of the 'lag'-lag moving...

qqplotprecWGEN: Makes a qqplot of measured and simulated data for several...

qqplotprecWGEN_seasonal: Makes four seasonal qqplots (winter, spring, summer and...

qqplot_RMAWGEN_Tx: It makes the Q-Q plots observed vs generated time series of...

qqplotTnTxWGEN: Makes a qqplot of measured and simulated data for several...

qqplotTnTxWGEN_seasonal: Makes four seasonal qqplots (winter, spring, summer and...

qqplotWGEN: Makes a qqplot and Wilcoxon test between the two columns of...

removeNAs: Replaces each entry of the rows containing NA values with NA

rescaling_monthly: This function adjusts the monthly mean to a daily weather...

residuals: 'residuals' S3 method for 'varest2' object

RMAWGEN-package: R - Multi-site Autoregressive WEather Generator

serial_test: 'serial.test' function for 'varest2' object

setComprehensiveTemperatureGeneratorParameters: Computes climatic and correlation information useful for...

splineInterpolateMonthlytoDaily: Interpolates monthly data to daily data using 'spline' and...

splineInterpolateMonthlytoDailyforSeveralYears: Interpolates monthly data to daily data using...

TemperatureEndDay: Gets the last day in a temperature time series, expressed as...

TemperatureStartDay: Gets the first day in a temperature time series, expressed as...

trentino: Trentino Dataset

varest2-class: varest2-class

varest-class: varest-class

VAR_mod: Modified version of 'VAR' function allowing to describe...

WhereIs: Gets the toponym where a meteorological station is located


acvWGEN Man page
adddate Man page
addsuffixes Man page
arch_test Man page
ComprehensivePrecipitationGenerator Man page
ComprehensiveTemperatureGenerator Man page
continuity_ratio Man page
countNAs Man page
covariance Man page
ElevationOf Man page
extractdays Man page
extractmonths Man page
extractTnFromAnomalies Man page
extractTxFromAnomalies Man page
extractyears Man page
findDate Man page
forecastEV Man page
forecastResidual Man page
generateTemperatureTimeseries Man page
getDailyMean Man page
getMonthlyMean Man page
getVARmodel Man page
GPCA Man page
GPCA-class Man page
GPCAiteration Man page
GPCA_iteration Man page
GPCAiteration-class Man page
GPCAvarest2 Man page
GPCAvarest2-class Man page
inv_GPCA Man page
inv_GPCA_iteration Man page
is.monthly.climate Man page
NewVAReventRealization Man page
newVARmultieventRealization Man page
normality_test Man page
normalizeGaussian Man page
normalizeGaussian_prec Man page
normalizeGaussian_severalstations Man page
normalizeGaussian_severalstations_prec Man page
plotDailyClimate Man page
plot_sample Man page
PrecipitationEndDay Man page
PrecipitationStartDay Man page
print Man page
print.GPCA Man page
print.GPCAiteration Man page
qqplot.lagged Man page
qqplotprecWGEN Man page
qqplotprecWGEN_seasonal Man page
qqplot_RMAWGEN_deltaT Man page
qqplot_RMAWGEN_prec Man page
qqplot_RMAWGEN_Tn Man page
qqplot_RMAWGEN_Tx Man page
qqplotTnTxWGEN Man page
qqplotTnTxWGEN_seasonal Man page
qqplotWGEN Man page
removeNAs Man page
rescaling_monthly Man page
residuals Man page
residuals.varest2 Man page
RMAWGEN Man page
RMAWGEN-package Man page
serial_test Man page
setComprehensiveTemperatureGeneratorParameters Man page
splineInterpolateMonthlytoDaily Man page
splineInterpolateMonthlytoDailyforSeveralYears Man page
TemperatureEndDay Man page
TemperatureStartDay Man page
trentino Man page
varest Man page
varest2 Man page
varest2-class Man page
varest-class Man page
VAR_mod Man page
WhereIs Man page


inst/doc/examples/precipitation-generator.R inst/doc/examples/marginal_gaussianization1.R inst/doc/examples/trentino_map_2stations.R inst/doc/examples/weather-generator.R
inst/doc/examples/example_scripts_presentation/temperature-generator_jss.R inst/doc/examples/example_scripts_presentation/precipitation-generator_jss.R inst/doc/examples/example_scripts_presentation/precipitation-generator_jss_uncoupled.R inst/doc/examples/temperature-generator.R inst/doc/examples/trentino_map.R
R/removeNAs.R R/qqplotWGEN.R R/RMAWGEN-package.R R/PrecipitationStartDay.R R/splineInterpolateMonthlytoDaily.R R/getDailyMean.R R/ElevationOf.R R/is.monthly.climate.R R/PrecipitationEndDay.R R/covariance.R R/qqplotTnTxWGEN_seasonal.R R/NewVAReventRealization.R R/print.GPCAiteration.R R/countNAs.R R/print.GPCA.R R/continuity_ratio.R R/serial_test.varest2.R R/newVARmultieventRealization.R R/qqplotprecWGEN_seasonal.R R/extractyears.R R/zc1_varest2.R R/forecastResidual.R R/residuals.varest2.R R/arch_test.varest2.R R/forecastEV.R R/TemperatureEndDay.R R/inv_GPCA_iteration.R R/GPCA_iteration.R R/VAR_mod.R R/getMonthlyMean.R R/splineInterpolateMonthlytoDailyforSeveralYears.R R/normalizeGaussian_sevaralstations.R R/ComprehensiveTemperatureGenerator.R R/normalizeGaussian_sevaralstations_prec.R R/extractTnFromAnomalies.R R/extractdays.R R/extractTxFromAnomalies.R R/WhereIs.R R/GPCA.R R/qqplotprecWGEN.R R/getVARmodel.R R/qqplot_RMAWGENts.R R/inv_GPCA.R R/extractmonths.R R/rescaling_monthly.R R/normality_test.varest2.R R/zc0_GPCAiteration.R R/findDate.R R/adddate.R R/plot.sample.R R/TemperatureStartDay.R R/normalizeGaussian.R R/normalizeGaussian_prec.R R/ComprehensivePrecipitationGenerator.R R/zc0_varest.R R/acvWGEN.R R/qqplotTnTxWGEN.R R/generateTemperatureTimeseries.R R/zc0_GPCA.R R/addsuffixes.R R/zc2_GPCAvarest2.R R/qqplot.lagged.R R/setWholeTemperatureGeneratorParameters.R R/plotDailyClimate.R
man/qqplot_RMAWGEN_Tx.Rd man/GPCA_iteration.Rd man/arch_test.Rd man/normality_test.Rd man/qqplotTnTxWGEN_seasonal.Rd man/getVARmodel.Rd man/ElevationOf.Rd man/extractmonths.Rd man/qqplotprecWGEN_seasonal.Rd man/varest-class.Rd man/extractyears.Rd man/rescaling_monthly.Rd man/residuals.Rd man/getMonthlyMean.Rd man/is.monthly.climate.Rd man/PrecipitationEndDay.Rd man/normalizeGaussian_severalstations.Rd man/splineInterpolateMonthlytoDailyforSeveralYears.Rd man/addsuffixes.Rd man/splineInterpolateMonthlytoDaily.Rd man/ComprehensiveTemperatureGenerator.Rd man/plotDailyClimate.Rd man/normalizeGaussian_prec.Rd man/plot_sample.Rd man/qqplotWGEN.Rd man/NewVAReventRealization.Rd man/qqplot.lagged.Rd man/forecastResidual.Rd man/generateTemperatureTimeseries.Rd man/TemperatureStartDay.Rd man/extractTnFromAnomalies.Rd man/qqplotprecWGEN.Rd man/getDailyMean.Rd man/GPCAiteration-class.Rd man/inv_GPCA_iteration.Rd man/continuity_ratio.Rd man/countNAs.Rd man/VAR_mod.Rd man/RMAWGEN-package.Rd man/newVARmultieventRealization.Rd man/ComprehensivePrecipitationGenerator.Rd man/inv_GPCA.Rd man/GPCAvarest2-class.Rd man/WhereIs.Rd man/covariance.Rd man/GPCA.Rd man/TemperatureEndDay.Rd man/acvWGEN.Rd man/normalizeGaussian_severalstations_prec.Rd man/GPCA-class.Rd man/varest2-class.Rd man/extractTxFromAnomalies.Rd man/adddate.Rd man/print.Rd man/serial_test.Rd man/setComprehensiveTemperatureGeneratorParameters.Rd man/forecastEV.Rd man/qqplotTnTxWGEN.Rd man/normalizeGaussian.Rd man/removeNAs.Rd man/PrecipitationStartDay.Rd man/trentino.Rd man/extractdays.Rd man/findDate.Rd

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