Man pages for RMySQL
Database Interface and 'MySQL' Driver for R

dbApplyApply R/S-Plus functions to remote groups of DBMS rows...
dbColumnInfo-MySQLConnection-methodExperimental dbColumnInfo method for a connection
dbConnect-MySQLDriver-methodConnect/disconnect to a MySQL DBMS
dbDataType-MySQLDriver-methodDetermine the SQL Data Type of an S object
dbEscapeStringsEscape SQL-special characters in strings.
dbGetInfo-MySQLDriver-methodGet information about a MySQL driver.
db-metaDatabase interface meta-data
dbNextResultFetch next result set from an SQL script or stored procedure...
dbQuoteIdentifier-MySQLConnection-character-methodQuote method for MySQL identifiers
dbReadTableConvenience functions for importing/exporting DBMS tables
dbUnloadDriver-MySQLDriver-methodUnload MySQL driver.
dbWriteTableWrite a local data frame or file to the database.
isIdCurrentCheck if a database object is valid.
make.db.names-MySQLConnection-character-methodMake R/S-Plus identifiers into legal SQL identifiers
mysqlBuildTableDefinitionBuild the SQL CREATE TABLE definition as a string
mysqlClientLibraryVersionsMySQL Check for Compiled Versus Loaded Client Library...
MySQLConnection-classClass MySQLConnection.
MySQLDriver-classClass MySQLDriver with constructor MySQL.
mysqlHasDefaultCheck if default database is available.
MySQLResult-classClass MySQLResult
queryExecute a SQL statement on a database connection.
result-metaDatabase interface meta-data.
transactionsDBMS Transaction Management
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