Man pages for RNAseqNet
Log-Linear Poisson Graphical Model with Hot-Deck Multiple Imputation

chooseSigmaSelect the threshold sigma for hd-MI.
GLMnetToGraphConvert the result of imputedGLMnetwork or a matrix into a...
GLMnetworkInfer a network from RNA-seq expression.
GLMpathMethods for 'GLMpath' objects.
HDImputedMethods for 'HDImputed' objects.
HDpathMethods for 'HDpath' objects.
imputedGLMnetworkMultiple hot-deck imputation and network inference from...
imputeHDImpute missing row datasets with multiple hot deck.
lungRNA-seq expression from lung tissue (GTEx).
RNAseqNetUsersGuideView RNAseqNet User's Guide
stabilitySelectionSelection of the regularization parameter by StARS (Liu et...
starsMethods for 'stars' objects.
thyroidRNA-seq expression from thyroid tissue (GTEx).
varIntraAverage intra-donor pool variance.
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