Man pages for RNiftyReg
Image Registration Using the 'NiftyReg' Library

affineCreate, test for and print affine matrices
applyTransformApply a precomputed transformation
buildAffineBuild an affine matrix up from its constituent...
composeTransformsCompose transformations
decomposeAffineDecompose an affine matrix into its constituent...
deformationFieldCalculate the deformation field for a transformation
forwardExtract forward and reverse transformations
halfTransformCalculate a half transformation
invertAffineInvert an affine matrix
isImageTest whether an object represents an image
jacobianExtract a Jacobian determinant map
niftyregTwo and three dimensional image registration
niftyreg.linearTwo and three dimensional linear image registration
niftyreg.nonlinearTwo and three dimensional nonlinear image registration
readAffineRead an affine matrix from a file
readNiftiRead a NIfTI-1 format file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
similaritySimilarity measures between images
translateApply simple transformations
writeAffineWrite an affine matrix to a file
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