Man pages for ROCit
Performance Assessment of Binary Classifier with Visualization

cartesian_2DCartesian Product of Two Vectors
ciAUCConfidence Interval of AUC
ciAUC.rocitConfidence Interval of AUC
ciROCConfidence Interval of ROC curve
ciROCbinConfidence Interval of Binormal ROC Curve
ciROCempConfidence Interval of Empirical ROC Curve
ciROC.rocitConfidence Interval of ROC curve
convertclassConverts Binary Vector into 1 and 0
DiabetesDiabetes Data
gainstableGains Table for Binary Classifier
gainstable.defaultGains Table for Binary Classifier
gainstable.rocitGains Table for Binary Classifier
getsurvivalSurvival Probability
gettptnfpfn-defunctGet number of TP, FP, TN and FN
invlogit-deprecatedLogistic Transformation
ksplotKS Plot
ksplot.rocitKS Plot
LoanLoan Data
logit-deprecatedLog Odds of Probability
measureitPerformance Metrics of Binary Classifier
measureit.defaultPerformance Metrics of Binary Classifier
measureit.rocitPerformance Metrics of Binary Classifier
MLestimatesML Estimate of Normal Parameters
plot.gainstablePlot '"gainstable"' Object
plot.rocciPlot ROC Curve with confidence limits
plot.rocitPlot ROC Curve
print.gainstablePrint "gainstable" Object
print.measureitPrint "measureit" Object
print.rocciPrint 'rocci' Object
print.rocitPrint 'rocit' Object
print.rocitaucciPrint Confidence Interval of AUC
rankorderdataRank order data
rocitROC Analysis of Binary Classifier
ROCit-defunctRemoved functions in package 'ROCit'.
ROCit-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'ROCit'.
summary.rocitSummary of rocit object
trapezoidareaApproximate Area with Trapezoid Rule
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