RODM: R interface to Oracle Data Mining

This package implements an interface to Oracle Data Mining (ODM). It provides an ideal environment for rapid development of demos and proof of concept data mining studies. It facilitates the prototyping of vertical applications and makes ODM and the RDBMS environment easily accessible to statisticians and data analysts familiar with R but not fluent in SQL or familiar with the database environment. It also facilitates the benchmarking and testing of ODM functionality including the production of summary statistics, performance metrics and graphics. It enables the scripting and control of production data mining methodologies from a high-level environment. Oracle Data Mining (ODM) is an option of Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Enterprise Edition (EE). It contains several data mining and data analysis algorithms for classification, prediction, regression, clustering, associations, feature selection, anomaly detection, feature extraction, and specialized analytics. It provides means for the creation, management and operational deployment of data mining models inside the database environment. For more information consult the entry for "Oracle Data Mining" in Wikipedia (

AuthorPablo Tamayo <> and Ari Mozes <>
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:57:32
MaintainerPablo Tamayo <>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2)

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RODM Man page
RODM_apply_model Man page
RODM_close_dbms_connection Man page
RODM_create_ai_model Man page
RODM_create_assoc_model Man page
RODM_create_dbms_table Man page
RODM_create_dt_model Man page
RODM_create_glm_model Man page
RODM_create_kmeans_model Man page
RODM_create_model Man page
RODM_create_nb_model Man page
RODM_create_oc_model Man page
RODM_create_svm_model Man page
RODM_drop_dbms_table Man page
RODM_drop_model Man page
RODM_list_dbms_models Man page
RODM_open_dbms_connection Man page
RODM-package Man page
RODM_store_settings Man page

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