Man pages for RSADBE
Data related to the book "R Statistical Application Development by Example"

Bug_Metrics_SoftwareBug Metrics Data
CART_DummyA cooked-data set for illustration of the partitions of CART...
CTThe Cow Temperature Data
DCDUnderstanding Drain Current Vs Ground-to-Source Voltage
employA data set used for understanding the very basic steps in R
galtonThe famous Galton data set
GasolineCar Mileage Dataset
GCGerman Credit Screening Data
IO_TimeCPU Time and IO Processes Relationship
lowbwtLow Birth Weight
MDRMale Death Rates
octaneOctane Rating Data set
OFUnderstanding the Overfitting Problem
PW_IllusA data set for illustrating "Piecewise Linear Regression...
resistivityResistivity of wires
RSADBE-packageData Sets for the "R Statistical Application Development by...
SamplezA hypothetical data set
satSAT-M marks and its impact on the final exams of a course
SCVAn illustrative data set where the "Response" depends on four...
SCV_ModifiedSCV data set by category "Modified"
SCV_UsualSCV data set with caterogy "Usual"
Severity_CountsSeverity counts for the JDT software
simpledataA simulated data set for illustrating the ROC concept
SPDThe supervisor performance data
SQSample Questionnaire Data
TheWALLTest centuries of Rahul Dravid
VDVoltage Drop Dataset
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