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An R package that provides a SQL Server R Database Interface (DBI), based on the cross-platform jTDS JDBC driver.


You can install the development version from GitHub:

# install.packages('devtools')

And when the package is back on CRAN, you can install it the usual way:


Config file

We recommend that you store server details and credentials in ~/sql.yaml. This is partly so that you do not need to specify a username and password in calls to dbConnect(). But it is also because in testing, we've found that the jTDS single sign-on (SSO) library is a bit flaky. The contents of this file should look something like this:

    type: &type sqlserver
    port: &port 1433
    domain: &domain companyname
    user: &user winusername
    password: &pass winpassword
    useNTLMv2: &ntlm true
    type: *type
    port: *port
    domain: *domain
    user: *user
    password: *pass
    useNTLMv2: *ntlm


Ensure that your ~/sql.yaml file contains a valid SQL Server entry named TEST. In the following, the TEST server, generously provided by Microsoft for the purposes of this package's development, has a database containing band data sets.

DBI usage

The following illustrates how you can make use of the DBI interface. Note that we do not attach the RSQLServer package.

con <- dbConnect(RSQLServer::SQLServer(), server = "TEST", database = 'DBItest')
dbWriteTable(con, "band_members", dplyr::band_members)
dbWriteTable(con, "band_instruments", dplyr::band_instruments)
# RSQLServer only returns tables with type TABLE and VIEW.
#> [1] "band_instruments" "band_members"
dbReadTable(con, 'band_members')
#>   name    band
#> 1 Mick  Stones
#> 2 John Beatles
#> 3 Paul Beatles
dbListFields(con, 'band_instruments')
#> [1] "name"  "plays"

# Fetch all results
res <- dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT * FROM band_members WHERE band = 'Beatles'")
#>   name    band
#> 1 John Beatles
#> 2 Paul Beatles
#> [1] TRUE

dplyr usage

The following illustrates how you can make use of the dplyr interface. Again, we do not attach the RSQLServer package.

library(dplyr, warn.conflicts = FALSE)
members <- tbl(con, "band_members")
instruments <- tbl(con, "band_instruments")
members %>% 
  left_join(instruments) %>% 
  filter(band == "Beatles")
#> Joining, by = "name"
#> # Source:   lazy query [?? x 3]
#> # Database: SQLServerConnection
#>    name    band  plays
#>   <chr>   <chr>  <chr>
#> 1  John Beatles guitar
#> 2  Paul Beatles   bass
#> # A tibble: 3 x 2
#>    name    band
#> * <chr>   <chr>
#> 1  Mick  Stones
#> 2  John Beatles
#> 3  Paul Beatles

Clean up

dbRemoveTable(con, "band_instruments")
#> [1] TRUE
dbRemoveTable(con, "band_members")
#> [1] TRUE
#> [1] TRUE

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Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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