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Testing and Plotting Procedures for Biostatistics

adonis.IIType II permutation MANOVA using distance matrices
Anova.clmAnova Tables for Cumulative Link (Mixed) Models
back.emmeansBack-transformation of EMMeans
byf.histHistogram for factor levels
byf.mqqnormQQ-plot for factor levels
byf.mshapiroShapiro-Wilk test for factor levels
byf.qqnormQQ-plot for factor levels
byf.shapiroShapiro-Wilk test for factor levels
CDA.cvCross validation
CDA.testSignificance test for CDA
cdf.discreteCumulative Distribution Function of a known discrete...
chisq.bin.expExpected counts for comparison of response probabilities to...
chisq.bintestPearson's Chi-squared test for binary variables
chisq.expExpected counts for comparison of proportions to given values
chisq.multcompPairwise comparisons after a chi-squared goodness-of-fit test
chisq.theo.bintestPearson's Chi-squared test for comparison of response...
chisq.theo.multcompPairwise comparisons after a chi-squared test for given...
cochran.qtestCochran's Q test
cond.multinomCondition number of the Hessian matrix of a multinomial...
coord.projCoordinates of projected points
cor.2compComparison of 2 Pearson's linear correlation coefficients
cor.confEquality of a Pearson's linear correlation coefficient to a...
cor.multcompComparison of several Pearson's linear correlation...
cov.testSignificance test for the covariance between two datasets
cox.residMartingale residuals of a Cox model
cramerCramer's association coefficient
cramer.testCramer's association coefficient
cvCoefficient of variation
CvM.testTwo-sample Cramer-von Mises test
dendro.gpDendrogram and number of groups to be chosen
deprecatedDeprecated functions in RVAideMemoire package
DIABLO.cvCross validation
DIABLO.testSignificance test based on cross-validation
dummyDummy responses
fisher.bintestFisher's exact test for binary variables
fisher.multcompPairwise comparisons using Fisher's exact test
fp.testFligner-Policello test
G.bintestG-test for binary variables
G.multcompPairwise comparisons after a G-test
GPA.testSignificance test for GPA
G.theo.multcompPairwise comparisons after a G-test for given probabilities
ind.contribIndividual contributions in regression
least.rectLeast rectangles linear regression
loc.slpSlope of a hand-defined line
logis.fitGraphical adujstment of a simple binary logistic regression...
logis.noiseCreating a nls model for logistic regression from fitted...
mood.medtestMood's median test
mqqnormMultivariate normality QQ-Plot
mshapiro.testShapiro-Wilk multivariate normality test
multinomial.multcompPairwise comparisons after an exact multinomial test
multinomial.testExact multinomial test
multinomial.theo.multcompPairwise comparisons after an exact multinomial test for...
multtest.corUnivariate correlation test for multiple variables
multtest.gpUnivariate comparison of groups for multiple variables
MVA.anovaType II permutation test for constrained multivariate...
MVA.biplotBiplot of multivariate analyses
MVA.cmvCross model validation
MVA.corCorrelations of multivariate analyses
MVA.corplotCorrelation circle of multivariate analyses
MVA.cvCross validation
MVA.loadLoadings of multivariate analyses
MVA.loadplotLoading plot of multivariate analyses
MVA.pairplotPaired plot of multivariate analyses
MVA.plotPlotting of multivariate analyses
MVA.scoreplotScore plot of multivariate analyses
MVA.scoresScores of multivariate analyses
MVA.syntSynthesis quality of multivariate analyses
MVA.testSignificance test based on cross (model) validation
MVA.trajplotTrajectory plot of multivariate analyses
ord.rwRe-computation of an ordination using given row weights
OR.multinomOdds-ratio (multinomial regression)
overdisp.glmerEstimation of overdispersion with 'glmer' models
pairwise.CDA.testPairwise comparisons for CDA
pairwise.factorfitPairwise comparisons of groups displayed on a factorial map
pairwise.G.testPairwise comparisons for proportions using G-tests
pairwise.mood.medtestPairwise Mood's median tests
pairwise.MVA.testPairwise permutation tests based on cross (model) validation
pairwise.perm.manovaPairwise permutation MANOVAs
pairwise.perm.t.testPairwise permutation t tests
pairwise.perm.var.testPairwise permutation F tests
pairwise.var.testPairwise F tests
pcor(Semi-)Partial correlation
pcor.testTests for (semi-)partial association/correlation between...
perm.anovaPermutation Analysis of Variance
perm.bartlett.testPermutation Bartlett's test of homogeneity of variances
perm.cor.testPermutation Pearson's correlation test
perm.t.testPermutation Student's t-test
perm.var.testPermutation F test to compare two variances
plotresidSimple analysis of model residuals
plotsurvivorsSurvivor curve
PLSDA.VIPVariable Importance in the Projection (VIP)
predict.CDA.cvPredict method for cross-validated CDA submodels
predict.coadiscPredict method for CDA
predict.MVA.cvPredict method for cross-validated submodels
prop.bin.multcompPairwise comparisons after a test for given probabilities
prop.multcompPairwise comparisons after a test for given proportions
prop.multinomProportions and standard errors
prop.multinom.testWald tests for comparison of proportions
rating.emmeansEMMeans for Cumulative Link (Mixed) Models
rating.probObserved rating frequencies
reg.ciConfidence intervals of a simple linear regression
RVAideMemoire-packageTesting and Plotting Procedures for Biostatistics"Correlation" of variables to axes in MCA or mix analyses
seStandard error
seq2Sequence generation
spearman.ciConfidence interval of a Spearman's rank correlation...
spearman.cor.multcompComparison of several Spearman's rank correlation...
splitfDivide into groups respecting relative proportions
standStandardization of a data frame based on another data frame
test.multinomSignificance tests of coefficients (multinomial regression)
to.dudiSynthesis quality of multivariate analyses
user.contUser defined contrasts for EMMeans
wald.ptheo.multinom.testWald tests for comparison of proportions to theoretical...
wald.ptheo.testWald test for comparison of a proportion to a theoretical...
wilcox.paired.multcompNon parametric pairwise comparisons for paired data
wilcox.signtestWilcoxon sign test
wmeanWeighted arithmetic mean
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