covid19: Daily confirmed COVID19 cases and deaths in the world

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Daily confirmed COVID19 cases and deaths in the world


covid19 is a data frame consisting of daily confirmed COVID19 cases and deaths in the world from Jan 22, 2020 to Dec 16, 2021.



Source (last accessed on Dec 16, 2021)


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 plot(covid19$date, covid19$newcases, type='l')
 ## Not run: 
 # Apply a square root-transformation
 newcases = sqrt( covid19$newcases )  
 # This time series varies periodically every 7 days. 7 days can't be precisely  
 # represented in the unit of year bcz some years has 365 days and others has 366.
 # BEAST can hanlde this in two ways.

 #(1) Use the date number as the time unit--the num of days lapsed since 1970-01-01. 
  datenum  = as.numeric(covid19$date) 
  o        = beast(newcases, start=min(datenum), deltat=1, period=7) 
  o$time   = as.Date(o$time, origin='1970-01-01') # Convert from integers to Date.
 #(2) Use strings to explicitly specify deltat and period with a unit. 
  startdate = covid19$date[1]
  o         = beast(newcases, start=startdate, deltat='1day', period='7days') 
## End(Not run)

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