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The Minesweeper game in R


A poor man's implementation of the minesweeper game in R. Yes, you are right: it has nothing to do with time series decomposition, changepoint detection, and time series segmentation. Its only remote connection to Rbeast is that this is a practice script I wrote to learn R graphics for implementing Rbeast.

Figure: minesweeper.png


	minesweeper(height=15, width=12, prob=0.1) 



integer; number of rows of the mine grid along the vertical direction.


integer; number of columns of the mine grid along the horizontal direction.


numeric; a fraction between 0 and 1 to specify the probability of mine occurrence in the mine grid.



  • LEFT-click to clear a spot.

  • RIGHT-click to flag a spot.

  • MIDDLE-click(wheel) a cleared and numbered spot to open neighbor spots, if flagged correctly.

  • Click Restart for a new game


An interactive graphics window is needed to run this function correctly. So it won't run in RStudio's plot pane. The function will use the x11() or x11(type='Xlib') graphic device to open a pop-up window.


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See Also

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 ## Not run: 
 # A mine field of size 20x25 with rougly a 15
## End(Not run)

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